Working in Massachusetts

If you’re unaware of all the great places to work at in Massachusetts then look no further than the most recent Top Places to Work in Boston list in the Boston Globe.  I was happy to see that Samsonite, a place where I started my career, is on the list!


Marketing Strategy

It’s that time of year, strategy time.  I was lucky enough in my last position to be asked to begin thinking about proper marketing roadmaps and creating, and tracking, a strategy for the next year.  I touched on this briefly in the past but I’m even happier to start it all again from complete scratch and in an entirely different place.  Yes, I’ve moved on from my last company to a new adventure, so please pardon the sporadic postings for the next month or so until I get in to a rhythm.  But don’t worry, I’ll always be coming back here to share my thoughts and ideas.  But…I digress.

I wanted to start from scratch this time.  I had the bones of my old roadmap which hinged on focusing on the different markets we used to sell in to and their buying times.  Based on that I would mark off what kind of marketing activities had to be done when – trade shows, advertising, PR, social media, etc.  However, it is difficult to measure something when you don’t have the bandwidth to do it.  So this time around, I’m going to take the bones and expand by layering in the ultimate business goals as well as a more laid out plan so that the questions of “what” has to be done and “how” to do it are answered in a much easier way.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an expert in all things marketing hence why I like to write this blog – it allows me to think about and explore various topics and aspects of marketing and business in general.  I’d like to think that I’ve been around various blocks a number of times and know what works, what doesn’t, the way to and not to do things but it’s important to realize that you should always be striving to learn and do more.

So, below you will see some places where you too can learn more about setting your own strategic roadmap.  Happy planning!

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National Stress Awareness Day

This morning on my drive in to work I got stuck in traffic for 20 extra minutes and cursed the fact that I didn’t just bang a right when I saw the gridlock on the on ramp.  Eventually things thinned out and we were on our way, but it added to the stress of the morning that was otherwise going well.

Well…wouldn’t you know it, today is stress awareness day.  So, hopefully the fact that I got in 10 minutes of yoga will counteract the morning commute feeling and I will be on my way to a jolly good day.  Perhaps I’ll even throw in an extra session of yoga before bed just to feel extra healthy and relaxed.  What are you doing to counteract the stresses of every day life?