Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to take a quick hiatus through the end of the month.  The husband and I are making our annual Thanksgiving trek to the West Coast to spend some time with my family and go to some fun wineries in Napa and Sonoma.  I give thanks for my family, good health, good friends and employment!  What do you give thanks for?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Exceptional Employees and How to Train Them

Do you want exceptional employees?  Who doesn’t?  The managers that I have worked with have all surrounded themselves with people who are strong in their skill set and are also flexible enough to adapt to any changes that may occur.

But, let’s say you have a new and green employee working for you, let’s say they are an intern or even a recent grad.  What can you do to train them to not only succeed in your work environment but also succeed in their career and be truly exceptional?  Well, thank you INC online who wrote an article about training your employees to be exceptional.  Their five tips are:

1. Teach Skills Not Traits –>Love this one, traits are specific to one manager while skills can take you across various platforms

2. Teach the Appropriate Skill

3. Reinforce and Support the Skill–>I encourage courses, if they are appropriate, to always be on top of your skills.

4. Implement Skill-Based Metrics

5. Consistently Measure Progress

So, will you implement these with your employees who need a bit of coaching?

What did you do today?

P.S. Read the whole Inc. article.

Working from Home

Are you wondering how much you would save if you were allowed to work from home?  Well, I came across the neatest calculator that will tell you exactly how much time, money and gas you will save.

Now, if you are a manager, you may wonder if your employee does get more done at home or at work where you can check in on them easier.  However, my thinking is that if he/she proves themselves at work then he/she can be given a bit of free reign.  At home, you can wake up and start to work on something right away.  There’s no, getting in your car, driving 45 minutes, setting up your computer, settling in, and at that point you’ve already lost close to two hours.

So check out the calculator and really consider giving your employees a bit of free reign. And I bet you they will also seem more happy!

What did you do today?

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