Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

The time has come to revisit 2015 and see which posts did the best.  I’ll be linking back to the original posts but I’m also going to be reinventing the topics to cover them in a fresh way.

So thank you for reading and here are the contenders from last to first place:

10: Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

9: Nail Color and Interviews

8: The Two Page Resume…Is It the New Norm?

7: The Top Interview Questions

6: ATL, BTL, and TTL Marketing

5: Manager Training 101

4: MSRP vs. MAP – Why Determining Minimum Advertised Pricing is Important

3: Home Page

2: My Top 10 Resume Tips

1: Setting a Marketing Strategy

So check back in the New Year for new versions of older topics! Happy/healthy/fruitful 2016 to you all!


Back to Where it All Began

My blog has come up quite often in some recent interviews, which is nice.  I’ve been asked for the url, as well as how I got started, and why I’ve kept going.  Before I take you back to that very first post, which I decided to write after a wonderful ski day at Sunapee, let’s go back to where it all began.

Back in 2009 I lost my job with LoJack after the international team was wiped out.  Some strategic roles were kept but not all. I chose to throw down the bulk of my savings and finish out my MBA full time.  I was collecting unemployment, looking for work, going to school, and generally just trying to make ends meet.  I was living in what I’ll call a tree house apartment in Newton.  It was really quite lovely.  I would spend most of my days in the kitchen which also had one of my two tv’s and just tap away and look out the window at the passers by.

I also got lucky that because I was enrolled full time I could take full advantage of the health insurance through Suffolk University.  This was a huge win for my unemployed self.

So I would go to class, study, look for any kind of work I could find and eventually found a part time job at the LOFT.  Even this was hard to come by.  But, my boyfriend at the time, now my husband, would ask me “what did you do today?”  And that’s when the light bulb went off during that day on the slopes.  I was going to blog.  Blogging wasn’t new to me, I used to blog on while I lived in Spain, I still keep a diary, so writing isn’t foreign to me.  But what would I blog about?  Hence the url of this blog…

This began as a work search tip and some marketing advice blog and has morphed into so much more five years later.  I’ve kept up with it during employed, and again unemployed, times.  It’s where I share my thoughts.  It’s what helps me digest and remember some of the interesting marketing things I read, and it’s what has come up in conversations during recent interviews.

So thank you blog, and now I take you back to that first blog post – So…what did you do today?

Goodbye City Sports

I may not have been a frequent visitor but as my husband said “It’s strange, but I’m really having a feeling about this news.”  It’s the place he bought his first softball glove when he moved to Boston, it’s the place he bought all of his tennis racquets, and it’s the place I went to for my Wednesday night runs along the Charles River.

Thank you for being such a community place.  Thank you for always being helpful, and thank you for what I think may have been the most well written goodbye/thank you letter to your devoted fans and customers.

As we all run and play ball we will think of you.

Goodbye, City Sports.

Saying goodbye.

A Summer at Home – Life & Work Lessons Learned from a 2 Year Old

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This summer has been a huge blessing in disguise.  Granted, I am still fully seeking employment and hope that it shows up on my doorstep sooner rather than later but I wouldn’t change things for anything.  Just as I told one interviewer that I wouldn’t change anything about the path I’ve taken in my career I also wouldn’t change anything about how things have panned out this summer.

This summer I got to be home with our wild, crazy, curious, stubborn, and all boy toddler.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, I’ve kissed many boo boos to make them better, and we’ve gone on more than one adventure with the hopes of becoming a “super dude.”

There have also been some key lessons that I’ve learned while managing through this stage in his life.  Lessons that can be applied to both life & work scenarios.  So here goes:

  1. Strategy is everything.  If you don’t have a strategy for the day, you’ll get nowhere.
  2. Expect to get nowhere even with a strategy.
  3. Be ready to switch gears at the drop of a hat.
  4. Naps are EVERYTHING!…for both kiddo and parent.
  5. Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Your kiddo might, but you shouldn’t. Let the little things go.
  6. Don’t try to conquer a mountain, climb a mole hill instead & work up to climbing that mountain one day.
  7. Practice, practice, practice.  Eventually you’ll get the hang of hitting a ball with a bat and be able to swing for the fences!
  8. Always be learning.  There’s so much unknown still out there!
  9. Repeat things…over, and over, and over, and over, and over…people will either lose interest or just give in.  But at least you tried to get your point across.
  10. Push boundaries and try to do things on your own.

There are so many more lessons but I love our little dude and what he’s brought our life.

My Bucket List

My husband once asked me what was on my bucket list and all I could come up with was going to Greece.  However, after seeing this Google Doodle I give you my revised bucket list.

1. Visit Greece
2. Visit Russia again
3. Learn to surf – hope to accomplish this this summer
4. Open a photo gallery in a beach town such as Rockport
5. Go to the Olympics
6. Ski in the Swiss Alps
7. Own a designer gown

Have you ever created a seasonal or yearly bucket list?  What about a career specific bucket list?

Earth Day


Today we celebrate Earth Day.  What will you do on this special day? Will you bike to work?  Will you use a reusable water bottle? Will you bring a reusable bag for your grocery shopping?

Whatever you do today, do it every day.  Happy Earth Day!

Here are some activities you can partake in with the kiddos.

5 year anniversary!

Oh my goodness!  It’s been 5 years since I began this blog!

In honor of that day…I point you back to my original post that started me on this journey of writing over 470 blog posts!  It was also interesting going back in time to February of 2010 and seeing all the cool things I used to be able to do.  Go to events, volunteer, visit San Fran on a moments notice…ahh, the life of a single, unemployed, gal 🙂 How far I have come.

Thank you all for reading.  next week we’ll return to our educational posts 🙂

Blizzard Prep

We’re hunkering down for a major Nor’Easter here!  here are some tips I thought I’d share:

Tip 1: …It’s easy to make heat without running the engine, and you can put together an emergency automotive heating kit for less than five dollars. You only need three items: an empty metal coffee can, metal-cup “tea light” candles, and some matches. (Well, make that four items: you’ll want a resealable sandwich bag, too.)


Tips 2: Top 10 foods to stock up on: Wheat, rice, dried milk, salt, beans, tomatoes, canned fruit & veggies, peanut butter, oil, dried pasts, sugar & honey.

top 10 foods for stocking up

Tip 3: Blizzard Survival Tips – Insulate Your pipes, be prepared (technically speaking), stock up your pantry, stock up on bottled water, prepare an emergency kit, know how to use an alternative form of heat, watch out for frostbite, layer up, keep active indoors, stay indoors!

blizzard, blizzard survival, snowstorm, emergency preparedness, emergency preparedness plan, emergency preparedness supplies, emergency preparedness list

Stay safe out there my dear readers!

National Stress Awareness Day

This morning on my drive in to work I got stuck in traffic for 20 extra minutes and cursed the fact that I didn’t just bang a right when I saw the gridlock on the on ramp.  Eventually things thinned out and we were on our way, but it added to the stress of the morning that was otherwise going well.

Well…wouldn’t you know it, today is stress awareness day.  So, hopefully the fact that I got in 10 minutes of yoga will counteract the morning commute feeling and I will be on my way to a jolly good day.  Perhaps I’ll even throw in an extra session of yoga before bed just to feel extra healthy and relaxed.  What are you doing to counteract the stresses of every day life?

Ice Bucket Challenge

I know…everyone’s doing it and I’m pretty sure the challenge is on its way to fizzling out.  I saw all the videos creep up on my facebook feed and probably only watched one during the two week stint…until I was challenged.  I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect, but when you’re challenged, you have to perform.  So I did.  I also looked online for an ALS charity that I wanted to support.  In my search, I came across a very interesting, and I think true, posting about the fact that a lot of other charities are potentially losing funds because the majority of recent donations are going to ALS.

I won’t bore you and paraphrase the posting, but I do think it is a good read so I encourage you to read “The Cold, hard truth about the ice bucket challenge.”

I ended up donating to the ALS family charity as well as Boston Children’s Hospital.

#icebucketchallenge donations made to and boston children's hospital

I’ll see you all after Labor Day.  Momma is goin on vacation!

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