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I am renaming this section of the blog.  Since it’s clear that I will never reach my goal of running 12 month’s of 5K’s.  So, starting…soon, I will begin sharing my thoughts and tips on how to stay fit all while juggling babies, husbands and work.

Beautiful pregnant yoga mom


As one year comes to an end and another begins I strive to bring my 12 month’s of 5k’s goal back to life.  Will I actually acheive it this year?  Who knows, but you won’t know until you try. 

What I can tell you is that I have begun training for my half marathon in May which takes place along Lake Winnipesaukee.  We’ll see if I will be able to find the time to put in the effort, and time, needed to train properly, but I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on my latest progress.  And with that, I have to give myself a bit of a pat on the back as I have completed my first full week of training and ran a total of 15 miles to date!


My new baby Markus and I have decided to see if we can FINALLY complete this goal and have already ran two races together.  One in August and another in September.  I look forward to sharing the pros and cons from these races, as well as the obligatory photo!  Keep running!

Folks, I have decided to run one official 5k race a month for 12 months straight. I will be sharing photos and race names in case you are looking for a race or cause to contribute to! See you at the race!

After failing my goal in 2012 I have decided to try this once again.  So let’s hear it for the new 12 month’s of 5K’s challenge I am going to have with my own self.  As spring is springing up, I am really beginning to miss the pavement.  Granted, I am pregnant but I really hope this won’t stop me from going on 5K walks and then slwoly easing back into the running.

March 2013 – I am looking forward to taking part in the 2nd Annual St. Paddy’s Day 5K race in Milton, MA.  Yes, I am 6 months pregnant but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk.  All of the proceeds from this race will go to the Milton High School Rugby Club.  So come one come all and don’t forget to wear your green!


***I have to admit…I have failed my goal.  I did not complete a race in November.  The month just got so crazy that before I knew it I was on a plane to San Francisco for Thanksgiving and the following weekend welcomed in the month of December.  Perhaps I should rename this the 6 months of 5K’s?  But I will try and get back on the ball. 

I mean I paid and registered for a Frosty 5K this past weekend with marathon sports, it was their inaugural 5K and proceeds went to the track and field programs at a local high school.  So does registering count?  I wussed out not due to the weather or inability to wake up but rather due to having woken up early to our friends cute almost 2 year old running around.  I let life take over and instead spent the morning with our close friends eating pancakes and you know what, sometimes that’s more important than a 5K.  I promise to try and get back on the ball and you all will surely know when I do…or fall off it again.

keep calm and exercise more!

November 2012 – Here is my strategy for the next few colder months, for November and December, try to run a race early in the month in hopes of the warmest weather, in the later winter months, run then toward the end of the month hoping for the same and an early spring :)  So with that in mind, I have tentatively picked to participate in the 21st Annual Association of Great Neck Turkey Tune Up on November 10th.  I like a good theme to a race and it seems like this will be another great one.  Hope to see you there! 

October 2012- This morning I ran in the 14th Annual Milton Monster Dash .  “Every year the MFE gives up to $40,000 to teachers in the Milton Public Schools for programs that directly benefit the children in our schools.”  It was another dreary fall morning but all of the cheery and dressed up folks came out.  Here are my pictures as well as the usual pro’s and con’s list.  I can’t wait to run this race again! P.S. If you can’t tell, I was supposed to be Forrest Gump.  My home made t-shirt said “I just kept runnin’” and had a smiley face on it and the hat had “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.”on it. :)

Con: I personally cannot think of any, perhaps the one and only water station could have had the cups of water out ready for the runners, otherwise it looked like a bunch of runnign parents were taking things into their own hands.  But since I don’t drink while I run, it really didn’t bother me.

Pro: This was a wonderful race that benefited education.  There were all kinds of kid friendly activities before the 5K Walk/Run and there were also all kinds of children’s races for all age groups.  And the biggest post race pro?  Vita Coco water for post race hydration!  My fave!

September 2012- Earlier this month I talked about two potential races in September, the Lone Gull 10K in Gloucester on the 15th and the Apple Harvest run in West Newbury on the 30th. Runners in the Apple Harvest run had a choice between a 5K and a 5 mile race and “100% of proceeds benefit educational programs at the Dr. John C. Page Elementary school.”

Well…things change and I was pretty excited to find a local race here in Foxborough, or Foxboro…however you want to spell it.  So I woke up this morning and ran in the Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds 2nd Annual 5k/10k and Family 1 Mile Fun RunIt really was fun.  Did you know that the Foxborough Regional Charter School has a 100% graduation rate?  That’s impressive!  “Proceeds from this and future events will benefit health and wellness programs for K-12 students at the Foxborough Regional Charter School.  Health and wellness programs include Physical Education curriculum, Health curriculum,  playground facilities and equipment, recreational after school programming and additional innovative programs that support wellbeing; Healthy Bodies * Healthy Minds!”

Cons: I really don’t have any cons for this race.  I think the 5K was well organized and there were prlenty of refreshments post race.  Maybe the only thing that could have been improved was there could have been mile markers for the runners.  Iaw s fine as I was running to an app on my phone but it would have been nice to see those markers on the road.  But that’s just a nice to have.

Pros: This was a great race and I love to help a good cause, such as education!

August 2012- This past Saturday, I ran in The Jamie Fund 5k!  The race took place in Mansfield and all proceeds went to autism and other disability awareness. Jamie’s mother runs an I Care awareness program at Mansfield High School.You can learn more about the Jamie Fund by going to website. I was pretty excited to run the race in 25:02, according to the race timer and a bit over 24 minutes according to my iPhone :).

As always, here are some photos followed by my pro’s and con’s list for the race:

PRO: Well laid out course through Mansfield.  The race starts and ends at the Mansfield High School.  All proceeds go to disability awareness.  There is a post race party at a local bar named Casey O’Connors and the apps were on Jamie’s parents who were so glad that people made it out for this special race for the 5th year in a row.


I wish it was a bit more clear as to when the adult race began.  I thought it was at 9:30 but that was the kid’s fun run.  The adult race was at 10am. But if that’s the only thing I have to complain about, it must have been a good race :)

July 2012- This morning I headed back to our old stomping ground and took part in the Artesani Park 5K in Brighton, MA.

As the race description states, “The Artesani Park 5K is running the old fashioned way — scenic off road courses — great competition — no rock bands — no squeezable yogurt — beautiful T-Shirts — useful awards (pint glasses) — plain water, not flavored water — plus bad jokes by the race director before and after the race!!!”

We ran along the beautiful Charles river where I used to run.  Here are some pre and post photos for your enjoyment:

I finished in 25:14, not my best but I am working through a cold.
And without further ado, here is my pro’s and con’s list.
PRO: Running along the beautiful Charles river and the post race goodies really were good, they even had nutella that you could put on your bagels!
CON: The paths along the river are pretty narrow so at times it’s quite hard to run as fast or as comfortably as you might want to because you constantly have to be watching for people. However, it pushed me to run faster because I wanted to get around folks that were going a bit slower than I would have liked them to.

Well, on to August…I’ll take your suggestions for my next 5K race.

June 2012- My dad and I will be running in the 8th Annual Over the River/Through the Woods Run for the Animals in Concord, NH! Sign up and run along the Merrimack River with us.  The proceeds go to the Merrimack County SPCA! 

Well, unfortunately padre and I did not run the 8th Annual Over the River/Through the Woods Run for the Animals due to it being all torrential rainy and all and I think father was worried that it could end badly and he wouldn’t be able to walk me down the aisle, it being my wedding day and all, or worse yet one of us could fall and end up on a gurney or something.

So here I was, it’s the 27th of June and I hadn’t done my 5K for the month only my second month into my twelve months of 5K’s.  I was beginning to see this as a slippery slope of not completing my personal goal.   But, last night, I went on the Cool Running site and came across the 4th annual M.A.D Scramble in Milton, which apparently is the second best town in all of America to live in.  If you saw the houses I did on my drive to the start line, I think you’d believe that rating too.  Now this was a 5 miler and not a 5K but I was looking forward to a longer than usual run.

Here, I even made a little collage for you and below the pictures you will once again see my pro’s and con’s list for this race.

Pro’s: Where do I even begin?The course was fantastic, a part of it was trail runs, which I had never done, and a part was on the road.  The police department was out in full force and guided and protected the runners and everything was just planned out wonderfully.  They even called out my name as I was crossing the finish line, I don’t think that has ever happened.  I came in at 42:21!!!

We began the race with a few nice words encouraging us to scramble home and call a loved one if prior to the race we had had an argument or disagreement with that loved one, as sometimes time is not on our side.  As it says on the site, “The race supports the Detective Michael A Devin Memorial Fund.

Proceeds from the race fund scholarships, support juvenile athletic programs, and provide assistance to families in need.” You can read all about Michael A. Devin on this blog dedicated to his legacy and this race. Thanks to all the post race sponsors especially Vita Coco, “it’s like putting a straw in a coconut” and being refreshed immediately.  If I didn’t care if I looked like a crazy person, I would have grabbed five drinks!

Con: The ONLY con I have is that it could have been less than 85 degrees outside.

I hope the fund raised enough money to helps those in need.  See you next month when I do a true 5K, and not a 5 miler.  Now excuse me while I go and jump in the pool to refresh myself after this awesome race!

May 2012- I ran the Great Bear run in Needham, MA on the 6th. All proceeds went to prostate cancer research!  I was able to finish in 25:24.  That is a personal 5K best.

Needham, MAHere are my pro’s and con’s for the race:

Pro: Proceeds go to prostate cancer research & you get up and moving on a Sunday morning!
Con: I thought that by registering ahead of time I’d have a quicker time picking up my race number but unfortunately that was not the case.  More volunteers or better organization is neede

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