Bad Tag Lines-My Thoughts on AT&T’s New Slogan

I was driving to Providence for a meeting and saw a billboard that had the following slogan:

AT&T Covers 97% of All Americans.

Just Google that slogan and you’ll get a bunch of forum and blog posts with people wondering where this 97% comes from and what it actually means.

Without doing any research and going on my first instinctual understanding of the slogan I found myself thinking…”Ok, so 97% of Americans are COVERED by AT&T, but that does NOT mean that AT&T covers 97% of the country which is the bigger issue.”

Who cares how many people use AT&T, doesn’t it matter more how many parts of the country are covered?  On my drive home I lose signal at least two or three times just because the signal doesn’t get handed over from one tower to another fast enough.  So do I personally care that 97% of humans in the U.S. of A. are covered?  No.  All I care about is the fact that I’m seriously considering switching providers after over 8 years with AT&T. Why?  Because of the poor service.

What are your thoughts on this campaign?

What did you do today?


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