Unemployed Single Mom Struggles

I came across this sad story last week.  This is the second time that the mommy side of this blog crosses over to the career portion of the blog.  This woman was arrested for leaving her kids in the car while she went on an interview.  She is a single mother who could not find a baby sitter in a time of need and had to make a decision that cost her a lot more than a job.  Weigh in with your thoughts on the matter.

Personally, I think it’s an unfortunate situation.  Should the windows been down more, probably.  Could there have been any other place to leave the kids, like a local Y?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Let’s cut people some slack.  We’ve become so helicopter parenty over so many non issues but people who do much worse get away scot-free.

What are your thoughts?


References Available Upon Request

“References Available Upon Request.”

This is a statement that appears on most if not all resumes.  As it turns out, some recruiters advise against adding it due to the obvious nature of the statement, as well as the fact that it takes up valuable real estate on your resume.  This is true especially if adding in that statement comes at a cost of removing an important bullet while trying to keep your resume to 1 or 2 pages. 

Another quote I like from a recent Monster article is, “‘We already know your objective,’ says Lisa Rokusek, a managing partner at AgentHR Recruiting Group. ‘Instead of telling us about what you want, use this space to tell us about you and your experience. Make sure it is relevant to the role you are interested in. Make a thought argument for getting a conversation.’”

What are your thoughts?  Is it time to do away with the obvious on all of our resumes and KISS (keep it simple stupid)?

15 Second Elevator Pitch

I recently read an article about the 3 P’s of delivering a great speech.  Those P’s are:


In a nutshell, the author writes, “Have a Point, be Prepared and deliver with Passion.”  I think that these are great tips for…great speeches.  But could it also apply to your 15 second elevator pitch when asked “why are YOU the perfect candidate?”  Now to those that have not heard of the “elevator pitch” it’s essentially meant to mean that if you were stuck in an elevator with someone important and wanted them to take notice in you, what would you say during those crucial 15 seconds?

Give it a try with the 3 P’s in mind.  Here is what my pitch might sound like. “Hi, my name is Linda Calabria.  I have been in the marketing field for close to 10 years and in that time have worked in B2B and B2C companies doing everything from branding to product marketing.” 

Was I prepared to do this right now?  No.  Do I feel like I got…some…of my point across sure.  WHat about the passion?  That definitely didn’t carry through as I was too busy staring at the stopwatch seconds tick by.

Now set your watches, and see what your 15 second pitch will sound like! On your marks, get set, GO!

As always, here are some additional recources on elevator pitches:

The Perfect Elevator Pitch to Land a Job –>”If you’re looking for a job, one of the first tasks on your to-do list should be crafting an ideal “elevator pitch. It’s the 30-second speech that summarizes who you are, what you do and why you’d be a perfect candidate.” 30 seconds is probably more feasible than 15…

Perfect Your 15 Second ‘Elevator” Pitch –>”Can you sell your company, your product, your service or your proposed project in no more than 30 seconds? If it takes you five minutes to explain what you’re about, you risk losing your audience and muddying the message.” I like where this goes later in the article talking about crafting a Twitter friendly headline about yourself or your company.

Military Veteran Job Fair – Gillette Stadium

This Thursday, tomorrow, there will be a military veteran and spouse job fair to help those that are unemployed or underemployed. The fair will be held at Gillette Stadium and take place between the hours of 11am-3pm.

Some of the employers that will be there are: Amtrak, TJX Companies, Lockheed Martin, USPS, General Electric, and many others.

I wanted to make sure to pass along the good word!  Those that want to be employed, should have the right to be!

Here is a little more information on the job fair:

Boston Vetaran Job Fair – looks to be the official site

Hire America’s Heroes – you may want to join this LinkedIn group

P.S. Head to my “Interview Tips” drop down section for some itnerview tips and questions.

Effective Drip Campaigns

In recent months I have taken to using our new e-mail platform, Pardot, quite frequently for eblasts.

On a side note, I went to a Salesforce1Tour event this week and upon sitting in on a Pardot lecture learned that the founders actually looked all through the dictionaries of various languages for a word that had something to do with selling, as all the english words that they liked wouldn’t allow for the easy use of a domain name as they were all taken.  So upon coming across the Latvian word for “to sell,” they had a winner!  Who in the world knew!?!  From that moment on, I was hooked to the presentation and was hard pressed to not throw my hand up and yell, “I’m from Latvia!”

But…I digress…

I am now in the throes of wanting to figure out how to effectively set up a drip campaign.  Having never done it I naturally turned to google and found the following:

Four Highly Effective Drip Marketing Campaigns
Drip Marketing – Eloqua Best Practices (This talks about lead nurturing vs. Drip Campaigns)
3 Principals for Successful Drip Marketing Campaigns

Not having had much experience in this realm I can’t really add my own two cents but cannot wait to try out this form of e-marketing.

Have you done drip campaigns?  Please share your experience with them, I’d love to learn from you!