As Long as the Work Gets Done

Everybody is already working outside the office.  In this day and age, for the exception of France…those lucky French, everyone is reachable 24/7.  There are even those that are proud of themselves for being reachable 24/7, cue Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing LA.

So what’s my point?  My point is that flexibility is what people are seeking in this day and age.  Work life balance has become a huge topic and companies are striving to recruit the best talent.  But the best talent is also seeking the best fit which doesn’t always mean being tied to a cubicle for your 9-5, which isn’t a 9-5 anyway.

I’m of the mindset, these days, that as long as the work gets done I don’t care what kind of hours someone is working.  I have to admit, I wasn’t always this understanding and I can absolutely understand why others may not get the flexibility factor.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think those of us who do want to work, really want to work, are willing to be the hardest workers out there but some times life will have to come first.  We’re not looking for flexibility for the sake of being slackers, we’re simply looking to be the best we can be in all aspects of our life.  If that means that that person needs to work from home every now and again to juggle it all, and still get all the work done, then by all means.  If the work doesn’t get done, then I would hope that that person would be self aware enough to know that there might be an issue and try to fix it before it needs some kind of disciplinary action.

Work at home, work in a coffee shop, work in a university library.  Whatever drives you and motivates you to be the best that you can be is what I would want out of an employee.


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