Happy Halloween!

Do you find yourself in a pickle this Halloween?  Are you just realizing that you have stayed up way too late for way too many nights watching the Red Sox crush it (I have to admit I’ve slept through all the games due to something called taking-care-of-baby fatigue) and just now realize that you are costume free?  Well here are some last minute costume ideas for you.  And if I may suggest another idea…grab some corn in one hand and candy in the other and there you have it, you’re candy corn!

Happy Halloween!


National Boss Day

Happy National Boss Day to all the managers out there.  Here are a few of my thoughts on how to be a good manager:

1. Listen
2. Encourage
3. Ask questions
4. Improve your employees lives by supporting their decisions and asking how you can help prioritize or take something off their work load
5. Don’t micro manage

Looking for more tips?  Here are 5 tips on how to quickly gain trust from your employees.

What did you do today?

What You Need to Know to Prove Your Worth

While on maternity leave I watched the Today show a lot and they really do cover quite a few interesting topics.  One was on the topic of knowing your worth and proving it at your job.  How do you do that?  The tip was to know the numbers/financials of your company and the overall business and leverage those to show how what you are doing fits into the overall company success.

For example, I am in marketing.  I would probably look at the revenue and deduce that the budget we are using is helping us sell our products because of the exposure they are getting in print, online and in advertising.  I would then back that up by showing the return on our various investments by pulling together all the relevant metrics available to me.

So, what did you do today?  Did you take a look at your company’s financials?

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The #, and why it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

To start off this post, here is a funny skit that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake put together showing us just how ridiculous hashtags have become #stophasthaggingeverything!

A year or more ago I wrote a post about hasthags and how to use them.  At that point in time, hashtags used to mean something, at least to me.  A friend complained that she didn’t understand how they worked because a niece of hers was hashtagging everything, we should have known then that that would be the trend of the future.  I explained that a hashtag was essentially a key word one could search for something on, mostly on twitter.  Now, we have hashtag phrases and everyone spells and writes things differently so there is no rhyme or reason for how to search on something.  The news outlets use it, celebrities over use it, and regular folk just hashtag everything and create long run on words.

So as the title of this post states, the hashtag, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t mean anything anymore and I would love to hear the teenager’s take on it so we can all foresee the future.

What did you do today?