Hire Me!

For those looking for an experienced marketing manager with a background in product and brand management, look no further! Over the last 10 years I have sharpened my skills, and pencils :), in the following ways:

  • Introducing yearly marketing roadmaps
  • Managing marketing budgets spanning from $500K to $2M
  • Explored new methods of generating leads (through digital and traditional marketing)
  • Analyzing & setting metrics for all marketing efforts as well as, and most importantly, tying all efforts to key business goals
  • Researching key markets and how to grow them
  • Increasing brand awareness (through digital and traditional marketing)
  • Strategically optimizing the exposure, reach, and effectiveness of our brand marketing communications
  • Creating new nurturing and lead generation campaigns (through email, SEO, and Pay-per-click)
  • Creating & improving marketing & business processes
  • Assisting in, and executing, new product launches and new product development processes
  • Designing product & presenting to buyers
  • Presenting marketing KPI’s to senior management and at employee town hall meetings

So if you’re seeking someone who is self motivated and has experience in all areas of marketing & branding as well as product development, look no further!

Don’t forget to take a look at my LinkedIn profile for recommendations and more information about my background.  Don’t forget to click through here as well: Linda Calabria.general capabilities

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