Job Search Tips from Recruiters

My apologies for missing a couple of weeks of blog posts.  You know how life gets sometimes.  During those times, you eventually come to a point where you have to stop, reset, and make time for the things you love, which for me is blogging.  So for the next three weeks it’s nothing but career and job advice! 🙂

I am pretty excited to share a wonderful article I stumbled upon, 50 Job Search Tips from Recruiters, that hit on so many points that I’ve written about, and others that are bonus job search tips that I simply had to share.  I’m going to take out a few key points that I wanted to copy out first and then you can read the rest of the article at your leisure.

1. “When preparing your resume for submission, create a section following your professional summary that is titled “Experience Highlights”. Craft four to five bullet points that summarize your expertise as it relates to the specific position. Many organizations now use technology to sort through keywords and you should tailor your resume each time to accurately reflect your fit with the role. Be sure to include what you personally did and the result.” –> What a great tip about adding in experience highlights.  I have a summary section but this is a great new twist on that section.

2. “If you really want to impress a recruiter, tailor your resume to fit the job description of the job you are applying to. Don’t rely on a cookie-cutter resume to pique the interest of the recruiter. Pick out some main themes in the job description and use similar words or phrases when writing your career objective and when describing your work history.” –>How many different ways can I say, “I could NOT agree more!”

3. “Use keywords from the job description in your resume. For example if the job description lists working in a Call Center Environment make sure you have “Call Center Environment” in your resume….but make sure you actually have that experience before you add it in your resume.”

4. “As a recruiter for a call center I see a lot of resumes with inappropriate handles for emails. Take the time to get a free email address with your name and use it only for resumes or networking needs.”

5. “Many people have found themselves out of work for six-months, one year, or more as a stay-at-home parent who are looking to re-enter the workforce. Many times, these people become candidates in our applicant tracking systems who have obvious and unexplained employment gaps on their resumes.  In Corporate America where we see hundreds of resumes a day, these candidates may not stand a chance. Although some recruiters may disagree, some of the best advice comes from better utilizing your cover letter (yes, I read them!) and resume to depict a little bit more of your life story. Job seekers can easily dedicate a section of their resume to where this mystery time has been spent. Have you been a home manager (stay-at-home parent)? Have you been actively pursuing work (an avid job seeker)? Have you been serving others and gaining additional skills (volunteer)? Or have you simply gone back to school? As recruiters, we want to know these things!! Job seekers can also write a sentence or two in their cover letter to explain their situation. If I don’t understand why someone is applying for a specific job, I often times scroll back up to the cover letter; seeking clarification.” –>A wonderful tip!

6. “The best piece of advice I can give to job seekers is the mindful discipline to follow-up with those with whom you’ve met along your job search journey. Gone are the days of handwritten thank you notes, but not their lasting impact and impression!”

7. “Develop an elevator pitch to use at career fairs or networking events.”

These are the lucky 7 that I picked out as the top tips.  Read the rest but remember these 7!

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Fall Office Fashion 2012

Let’s ignore the fact that fall is here, kids are back in school, and the days are getting shorter.  Let’s focus on the fun things, such as comfortably wearing pants and sweaters to work!  Here are my suggested fall office fashions.

Big scarf    Perfect for fall    Weekend Prep    Comfortable for a stroll    perfect work wear!    Love the outfit!    the perfect fall casual look    I must own a trench    purple and yellow go together!another must own blazer...    love the cropped grey jeans    blue blazer    for that not so cold fall day    Sherbet + chambray    Love these neon accents!    Lace! so totally in love with it.

What did you do today?