1 Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it?  I have been at my job for, officially, a year yesterday!  I cannot believe that the time went by so quickly.  But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun, or in my case working with wonderful people and on fun projects.

So here is what I have learned in my year as a marketing coordinator:
1. Google Analytics – I can actually say that I know how to use GA.  Before I would fudge my way through it but now I don’t have to pretend anymore!
2. Social Media – Yes, I knew about social media and how to use it but I was so bummed that I hadn’t used it for work yet.  All I knew was how to use it for myself but now I can say that I know how to apply social media for business.
3. Web Analytics – Not only do I monitor what and how we are doing on social media but I also get to analyze our web metrics!  I know it’s nerdy but I love it.
4. Presentation – I still can’t say I’m wonderful with presenting but I’ so happy that I’ve had to present.  You can only get better if you try and try again.
5. Trade Shows – Boy am I excited that I have the opportunity to manage trade shows and attend them.

Why am I telling you?  Well, a lot of you have followed me through my trials and tribulations but I am also telling you so that those that are still searching for their next job can think about some of the above points and fine tune their skills or push those to the fore front.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  What did you do today?



I am going to go ahead and take the week off.  What’s everyone thankful for?  I am thankful for my family, my health, the fact that I have a great job and for all that lies ahead.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

What did you do today?


Public Speaking. How to Be Memorable and Confident!

Raise of hands, who likes speaking in public?  Granted, it’s easier when you are in a group of your peers, people you know, and talking about a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about but none the less, I don’t know of one person who gets excited about speaking in front of other people.

In my first few months of working at my current job I was tasked with presenting the previous year’s marketing figures and analytics.  Having come into the job well into the end of the year I hadn’t been involved in any of it. I was determined to do a great job.  It was my first presentation and I wanted to be seen as a knowledgeable person.  Although I was very nervous and it was my first time seeing the majority of the people in the room, I began feeling much more confident when I began talking about something that I felt I knew a lot about, social media.

So today’s post is about figuring out why so many so called “experts” struggle with public speaking. I certainly don’t lump myself into the “expert” crowd but I have always wanted to be a better public speaker.  Luckily, Forbes published an article online just yesterday about this topic and titled it, Why So Many “Experts” Are Terrible Speakers: Top 5 Public Speaking Mistakes.

Kathy Caprino writes the following:
1. Meet the Audience Where They Are: First and foremost, speakers must remember that their deep knowledge about a topic isn’t (usually)shared by the audience.  Listeners aren’t in the same place you are – they haven’t spent years studying this area, researching it, living it.  It’s new to them.  So you must meet your audience where they are, finding a way to hook them in.
2. Make a Heartfelt Human Connection: I’ve seen evidence that being a nationally-recognized guru doesn’t mean you have any degree of social or emotional intelligence.  I’m finding that numbers of these experts simply fail to engage us on an emotional, heartfelt level – they don’t connect in a personal way, or give the sense that they truly care a whit about the audience and its ability to productively use the vast information they know and share.  In the end, their lack of a human connection makes their presentations feel overwhelming and unsettling…
3. Show Respect for the Listener: …if you’re speaking to social media novices about what they need to do to get up to speed in the social media arena, you must understand that many folks are afraid and insecure about taking the plunge, and you need to be gentle with them, not judgmental, critical or flip…
4. Inspire Follow Up Interest/Action: It’s not enough to present information without inspiring people to follow up with new action or thinking.  Your words and messages simply won’t last in the minds of the audience members if you don’t motivate your listeners to DO something different with what you’ve just shared and taught.  Think about how you can connect and engage with your audience after your talk…
5. Leave a Lasting Message of Significance: …If you’re simply sharing dry information, but don’t touch on the vital “essence” of your material (the living, breathing heart of what you care about and why we should care), you’ll fail as a speaker…

Take Kathy’s advice and improve your public speaking ways, I know I will.

What did you do today?

P.S. All of these points can easily be applied to a job interview.  You want to be calm, cool and collected but you also want to leave a lasting impression and reel in the listener, your potential new boss, so that he or she is left wanting more and therefore have to hire you!

LinkedIn for HR Purposes

Last week I attended a social media conference.  The majority of the conference revolved around the basics of each of the top four platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Towards the end of the day I decided to switch classes and attend a session about monitoring social media.  The professor asked what the people in the room use LinkedIn for.  A woman in an HR function replied that she does the majority of her recruiting via LinkedIn.

She shared a story about needing to hire someone in two weeks time and decided to see who she knew online.  She found two colleagues and reached out to them who in turn reached out to their network of over 300!  She hired someone in one week!  She also shared that she has begun seeing more and more LinkedIn account url’s being added to written resume’s.  Interesting.

So what does this all mean? USE LinkedIn.  Update your profile, put up a good photo, utilize keywords throughout your summary, description, etc.  Network!  Make sure to ask and answer questions in the various groups you might be a member of.

Good luck and tell me how you’re using LinkedIn to your benefit!

What did you do today?

Words NOT to Use on a Resume

There are some universal terms that shouldn’t be put on a resume no matter what field you are going into.  Who knew?!  Well, Monster.com put out a list of the top 10 words and phrases not to put on your resume.

Here are my top 5 phrases out of the list of 10.  I have also given my opinion about those top 5 phrases.  Take a look at the full list to make sure you haven’t been writing something you shouldn’t be!

I’ll start with the two that threw me for a loop:

1. “Responsible for….”

2. “Experience working in..”

Who knew that those two phrases screamed “mediocre worker!” “Having been responsible for something isn’t something you did — it’s something that happened to you. Turn phrases like ‘responsible for’ into ‘managed,’ ‘led’ or other decisive, strong verbs.”

3. “References Available Upon Request.”
Everyone will always ask for references and you will always supply them.  Stop wasting space and add another certification rather than this phrase.

4. “Detail Oriented.”  Who isn’t?  In my opinion, there’s no sense in calling this out because again, you’re taking up space and if this is one of the things that you’re proud of…I would rewrite the resume entirely

5. “Hardworking.” This falls into the same category as #4.  These are things you can talk about in an interview but not details you want to call out in a resume.

What did you do today?

My Two Cents: The Duggar Family

For those who haven’t heard the happy news yet, the Duggars are pregnant with their 20th child!

Now I agree, nobody has any right to judge another’s family.  But COME ON!  It’s hard for me to say something bad because the other night I watched their 1 hour season finale and they really are the sweetest people but something has to be said for their kids. 

Obviously they are used to living in a HUGE family but something that Michelle and Jim Bob said made me and the fiancée laugh out loud.  They were asked by a viewer how they justify having 20 children when the world is already overpopulated.  Their answer was that that is a myth because all of the people of the world would easily fit into the state of Arkansas, I believe.  Ok, maybe not Arkansas but I have to agree that all of these people do actually “fit” into this planet.  However, I think the bigger issue is FEEDING all of these people.  Just because everyone fits doesn’t mean that everyone can sustain.

As for their kids, they are all homeschooled and the older children are basically care givers to the younger ones.  I know that homeschooling isn’t the end of the world but I would have to say that their chances of having the best education isn’t really in the cards.  Yes I know they all have musical talents, etc. but how will they all go to college?  Will they go to college at all?

I throw this out to you, what are YOUR two cents?

Admitting Your Mistakes

People make mistakes, in life and at work.  Unless someone is going to be seriously hurt or die when you admit your mistake I say you should man up. 

It can be a hard pill to swallow when you realize, “Oh sh*t, how did I get THAT wrong?  I’ve only quadruple checked it?!?!”  But it happens.  Don’t you feel like sometimes you’re just in this mistake cloud and you make small mistakes for a  while and just can’t get out of it?  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one in that cloud.  Just man up, admit that you did something wrong and move on.  People will respect you far more if you make them see that if you do something wrong you’ll tell them and fix the problem rather than hide and lie that anything ever happened, only for the truth to come out later.  I’d rather explain what went wrong and then follow that up with how you’ll fix the problem than sit there and wonder how long it’ll take someone to realize something went wrong.

Don’t believe me?  Here is a quote from a great article, Made a Mistake at Work? Here are 5 Quick Tips to Help You Own up to it and Correct it with Class, “sometimes the making of the mistake isn’t something your manager will spend too much time thinking about; the boss usually dwells more on how he was told about the mistake and how you intend to fix it.”

What di you do today?

Winter Fashion 2011

Well, as far as I’m concerned we are slowly heading from summer right into winter.  The clocks are getting turned back this weekend and we’ve already had snow.  So here it is, my collage of all things winter wear.  I hope you like it, visit my pinboard for more images!

love the layers!H&M; I must own that sweaterWinter in Fashion. love that green coat!winter cozycute for a winter dateor orange #Diva by DD high collar wool trench coatwintercozy for fallhats for fallcolorful tightslove these black tights and white dresspurple and yellow go together!

What did you do today?

Occupy…the World!

Here I go again with my own personal views on things.  But this Occupy Wall Street, Boston, etc. thing is really maddening. 

I understand 100%, not just 99%,  what these people stand for but I am also quite a bit annoyed.  On the news the telecasters said that the folks here in Boston, and really everywhere, are occupying city property, that most of us are not allowed to do, not even the homeless.  They get free electricity, which none of us get, free police protection at all hours of the day and night, which none of us get unless you’re the head of state, a celebrity or the president, and many other benefits that us 99% have to pay for.  And who is paying for all of THEIR free stuff?  That would again be the 99%.  So thank you for that.

To boot, I would only have to assume that these folks are out of a job and that is part of what they are fighting for.  I get it, being unemployed sucks and as my previous post stated, you’re better off not working part time while you’re unemployed because it will only be counted against you when you refile your claim.  However, you ARE required to look for work.  Unless these folks are going on interviews in their camping gear I don’t really see them trying too hard to find employment.  And if their benefits have run out, wouldn’t it push you that much harder to find a job? 

I spent 16 hard months, counting my pennies and applying to 10 jobs a week. Yet these people don’t need to worry about bills or a job it seems like.  I’d say they are a new 1%.

What’s your take on it?

What did you do today?

P.S. And then I read an article with the following quote, “Sleeping beside the hardcore activists are increasing numbers of wealthy students turning up to make the most of the party atmosphere, drugs and free food,” reporters Paul Bentley and Micela McLucas wrote in October. “While they dress down to blend in, the youngsters’ privileged backgrounds are revealed by glimpses of expensive gadgetry or the absent minded mention of their private schools during heated political debates.”  Read more of the article HERE.