2013 in review

Lessons learned from…

Home Life:

1. Having and raising a baby is tough work.

2. Having to balance taking care of said baby/newborn while trying to work from home is not a good idea, you feel like an all around failure that can’t focus on any one thing for any amount of significant time.

3. Unless you have a husband who loves to clean, which I am lucky to have, your home will fall into complete disarray after having above mentioned baby, at least until the age until he or she is able to do something other than eat and sleep in your arms.

4. Each holiday is that much more exciting as you have a whole new way of experiencing it.

5. Talking is very important.  Having a baby puts a lot of strain on everyone and if you don’t talk things out it can lead to built up anger, which is the last thing you want.  Try and accept that one of you will take to taking care of the baby quicker and easier than the other.  Divide and conquer my friends!

Work Life:

1. Having to balance taking care of said baby/newborn while trying to work from home is not a good idea, you feel like an all around failure that can’t focus on any one thing for any amount of significant time.

2. Things can change at the drop of a hat.  Accept it.

3. Be flexible and adapt to new surroundings and processes.

4. If something is becoming an issue, nip it in the bud right away.  Don’t allow it to become a habit.

5. Always strive to do more.  Any job you are in is yours to improve and learn from.  Always make sure to make the msot of it.

Happy New Year! What did you do today?  Did you reflect on your life before the start of the new year?


What Can You Do in 90 Minutes?

I recently read a very interesting article about the 8 hour workday and where it originated.  With today’s society being incredibly mobile, and incredibly tied to their mobile, it’s hard to say how many hours one actually works.  We are constantly tapping away on our phones, sending out emails or taking calls.  The workday truly never ends.  Gone are the days when you closed the books or shut down your desktop computer and hurried home.  Now we bring our work home with us.  Some are better at shutting things down as soon as they step over the threshold of their door but most of us either ramp things back up once the kids go to bed or simply check their phone all through the night, not wanting to miss a second or work.

But let’s think about the time that you are at work.  How productive are you?  Are you ON the whole day?  I have to admit that I need some down time every now and again.  If I feel like I’m being watched I somehow get even less done.  If I know that I can get some personal things done then I feel like my work life balance is, well…balanced.

Here is a great article on the topic of The 8-Hour Workday.

What did you do today?  Were you productive?

Just a Thought – Best Indicator of Success

Here’s a short post for you that I thought I’d share…

As the writer of the article, Success Indicator: One Question You Need to Ask Your Team writes, “Most performance reviews focus more on ‘development areas’ (aka weaknesses) than strengths. People are told to work harder and get better at those areas, but people don’t have to be good at everything.”  Instead a good manager, and organization needs to focus on whether their people “…have the opportunity to do what [they] do best every day…”

The more people that answered yes to that question the more successful a department or company seemed to be in Marcus’ experience.

So what is your experience?  Are you driven by performance and succeeding in your goals, to a degree I hope you are nodding your head yes, or are you driven by being able to do what you do best?  I think there needs to be a fine combination of both.  If you just sit and do the thing you do best and never grow and learn anything new then you become stale and don’t acquire any new skills.  You become the person who takes the paper out of this box and puts it in that one.  Where as with being pushed out of your comfort zone allows you to explore new skills and see if maybe you might like doing something else.

Just a thought…

Monday Morning Article Selection

Here are some articles that piqued my interest this morning:

A Guide to Social Media Marketing Measurement:
“A strong social media campaign should result in an improvement in sales, leads, and phone calls over time. Ask customers or clients if they follow you in social media. If they do, it’s likely that your social media efforts have contributed towards the conversion.”

Three Insights from Social Data:
“Predicting who influences who on social media has several potential application areas where it can create huge value – specifically in marketing channel optimisation. Which people should marketers influence (and how) in order to maximise the onward spread of their message?”

12 Tips for Holiday Tweeting: Last Minute Twitter Boosts:
“You’ve planned your tweets to promote your holiday marketing campaigns. You’re well and truly entrenched in seasonal promotions. But, why aren’t your messages getting the results you need?”

What did you do today?  Did you educate yourself on what’s IN in your industry?

How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Are you still noshing on your children’s Halloween candy? Or better yet…are you still eating that left over pumpkin pie? The holiday season is upon us and the warm days are over, but your fitness doesn’t have to take a back seat.  Here are some fun ways to stay fit while still endulging in some holiday desserts.

What did you do today?  Did you go cross country skiing? 😉

Monday Afternoon Article Selection

Here are some articles that caught my, and the webosphere’s, eye today:

Big Brand Theory: Hilton Hotel and Resorts
“…Franchises and chains pose unique challenges for marketing and customer care alike, and thus for social media community managers. Even with centralized reservation and CRM systems, social media inevitably becomes a major component of customer care. While an individual customer care or community manager can help broker a resolution for a customer, they are limited in what they can do…”

Forget the Selfie. Let’s Make 2013 the Year of the Unselfie
“…A selfie is something anyone can do. It is especially popular with celebrities, who are posting selfies like there is no tomorrow….This Tuesday, December 3rd, is the second annual #givingtuesday…To mark this #givingtuesday, anyone who wants to celebrate the powerful positive role that giving plays in our world is being asked to share their own unselfie on their favourite social media sites and by email…It is really easy to create an unselfie. First, write clearly on a piece of paper what cause or causes you will be supporting this #givingtuesday…”

The State of Social Business in 2013
“Overall, we found that investment in headcount and infrastructure have steadily grown, as companies reach “intermediate” stages of social business. Several are turning their sights from “social media” as an extension of marketing and communications, and seek to push a “social business” agenda throughout the organization.”

What did you do today?  Did you educate yourself on what’s IN in your industry?