15 Second Elevator Pitch

I recently read an article about the 3 P’s of delivering a great speech.  Those P’s are:


In a nutshell, the author writes, “Have a Point, be Prepared and deliver with Passion.”  I think that these are great tips for…great speeches.  But could it also apply to your 15 second elevator pitch when asked “why are YOU the perfect candidate?”  Now to those that have not heard of the “elevator pitch” it’s essentially meant to mean that if you were stuck in an elevator with someone important and wanted them to take notice in you, what would you say during those crucial 15 seconds?

Give it a try with the 3 P’s in mind.  Here is what my pitch might sound like. “Hi, my name is Linda Calabria.  I have been in the marketing field for close to 10 years and in that time have worked in B2B and B2C companies doing everything from branding to product marketing.” 

Was I prepared to do this right now?  No.  Do I feel like I got…some…of my point across sure.  WHat about the passion?  That definitely didn’t carry through as I was too busy staring at the stopwatch seconds tick by.

Now set your watches, and see what your 15 second pitch will sound like! On your marks, get set, GO!

As always, here are some additional recources on elevator pitches:

The Perfect Elevator Pitch to Land a Job –>”If you’re looking for a job, one of the first tasks on your to-do list should be crafting an ideal “elevator pitch. It’s the 30-second speech that summarizes who you are, what you do and why you’d be a perfect candidate.” 30 seconds is probably more feasible than 15…

Perfect Your 15 Second ‘Elevator” Pitch –>”Can you sell your company, your product, your service or your proposed project in no more than 30 seconds? If it takes you five minutes to explain what you’re about, you risk losing your audience and muddying the message.” I like where this goes later in the article talking about crafting a Twitter friendly headline about yourself or your company.

Military Veteran Job Fair – Gillette Stadium

This Thursday, tomorrow, there will be a military veteran and spouse job fair to help those that are unemployed or underemployed. The fair will be held at Gillette Stadium and take place between the hours of 11am-3pm.

Some of the employers that will be there are: Amtrak, TJX Companies, Lockheed Martin, USPS, General Electric, and many others.

I wanted to make sure to pass along the good word!  Those that want to be employed, should have the right to be!

Here is a little more information on the job fair:

Boston Vetaran Job Fair – looks to be the official site

Hire America’s Heroes – you may want to join this LinkedIn group

P.S. Head to my “Interview Tips” drop down section for some itnerview tips and questions.

Effective Drip Campaigns

In recent months I have taken to using our new e-mail platform, Pardot, quite frequently for eblasts.

On a side note, I went to a Salesforce1Tour event this week and upon sitting in on a Pardot lecture learned that the founders actually looked all through the dictionaries of various languages for a word that had something to do with selling, as all the english words that they liked wouldn’t allow for the easy use of a domain name as they were all taken.  So upon coming across the Latvian word for “to sell,” they had a winner!  Who in the world knew!?!  From that moment on, I was hooked to the presentation and was hard pressed to not throw my hand up and yell, “I’m from Latvia!”

But…I digress…

I am now in the throes of wanting to figure out how to effectively set up a drip campaign.  Having never done it I naturally turned to google and found the following:

Four Highly Effective Drip Marketing Campaigns
Drip Marketing – Eloqua Best Practices (This talks about lead nurturing vs. Drip Campaigns)
3 Principals for Successful Drip Marketing Campaigns

Not having had much experience in this realm I can’t really add my own two cents but cannot wait to try out this form of e-marketing.

Have you done drip campaigns?  Please share your experience with them, I’d love to learn from you!

Overlooked Brand Strategies

Today I want to share an article titled, 6 Brand Strategies that Most CMO’s Fail to Execute.  The thought behind sharing it is so that all of us don’t overlook these strategies, as well as work on expanding our skills and strategies for our marketing efforts. 

*P.S. If you click on the image above, you’ll be directed to another interesting and helpful article about branding and what it means.

The Forbes article focuses on the brand in terms of how it is viewed by the consumer as well as making the brand top of mind.  What strategies are you implementing currently that are a simple copy cat of what another company in your space might be doing?  Is doing that helping or hurting YOUR brand?  The success behind some of these larger corporations lies in their creativity, and the magnitude of their marketing budget.  Even if you are a team of two or three, what can you do differently to be top of mind?  Is social media always the answer?  What about creative advertising?  Is it worth it to go outside your core group of marketing partners to see what a publication might come up with for you to test the water?

Thinking out loud aside, here are the 6 tips you’ve been waiting for.

1.  See Consumer Engagement That Others Don’t

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and be creative about how your brand engages with consumers.

2.  Establish An Identity That is Easily Relatable

A brand identity is most powerful when it evolves and its value proposition strengthens in alignment with the changing lifestyle demands of its audience.    Make things simple.  People don’t have the time to figure out what your brand is trying to solve.   Consumers want brands to be deliberate with their identity – straightforward while at the same time forward-thinking.

3.  A Lifestyle Platform that Inspires People and Communicates Hope

Brands influence lifestyle and one’s state of mind.  If your brand is not a lifestyle platform that inspires people and communicates hope, the impact and influence of your brand message will quickly begin to wane. Today’s consumer expects more from your brand – not only the message it communicates – but how it is delivered.   That is why content marketing is so important and must be flawlessly executed to be effective.

4.  Continuous Innovation with Flawless Timing and Execution

It’s no longer just about introducing new products, line extensions and/or technological advances to strengthen your UVP.    Today’s marketplace demands perfect timing and flawless execution with each new strategy you implement.  Consumers want to know that you are ready when they are.   That means your timing must be in perfect sync with your audience demands.

5.  Promote the Genuine Spirit of Giving

Brands that “share the harvest” of their success – with their audience – are the ones that sustain the best momentum.  Whether you have a few thousands, millions, or billions of dollars in sales, make it a point to show your respect and gratitude to the people and communities your brand is serving.

6.  Serve Others to Leave a Legacy

Much like leaders must lead with a legacy-driven mindset, so should their brands. As you develop your brand, what is the legacy that you are mindfully attempting to leave behind?  What is your brand known for? What is the experience and/or product association you are attempting to leave behind for your brand and what will your audience remember most about how it impacted their business or lifestyle?

Toms Philosophy

I heard a great story from the founder of Toms shoes, glasses and now coffee.  I was inspired by the saying they start their day with in the office, “Start Your Day by Improving Someone Else’s.”

I think it’s really amazing what the company is doing with the One for One trade.  First they would provide a pair of shoes to the needy for every pair purchased.  Then they expanded to glasses and after a hiatus, the founder came back with another idea of selling coffee.  For every bag bought, they would put money towards creating water filtration systems in countries that need that  kind of help.

That’s all I have for today, just a nice fuzzy feeling story.  Will you start your day by improving someone else’s?

Creating Brand Embassadors & My Pinterest Page

On Thursday I listened in on a webinar titled The Social Employee: Transform Your Employees into Brand Advocates.

Here are the things I learned and wanted to pass on to you, my loyal readers.

* An every day employee is two times more trusted than a Chief Executive. (Edelman Trust Barometer 2013)
* 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust. (Nielsen 2013)
* The first step in creating employee advicates is getting senior leadership engaged in social media so other employees feel like they can engage with customers as well.

Other interesting notes

* 78% of marketers say that their biggest challenge with content is “creating original content” and they don’t have enough time to do it

***Unfortunatelly the rest of the webinar was one big pitch for a platform called Social Chorus…

As I always say, it’s important to constantly refine and work on your skill set.  As I got more involved in other marketing activities I lost touch with social media, outside of creating a calendar for my work postings.  Hence why I knew I had to do something, and if nothing else at least check out a free webinar.

Wht did you do today to work on your special skill set?

P.S. Check out my new pinterest board dedicated to this nice little blog! :)

Follow Me Cards

While on a search for an industrial photographer in the San Fran area I came across Photo Works SF who creates the uniquest thing I’ve seen recently, Follow Me cards.

What the H-E-double hockey sticks is a Follow Me Card?  I wouldn’t have known what to tell you until now, it’s a card with a photo on the front and an @_____ on the back.  Essentially, it’s an artsy business card.  How frickin’ cool!?!

Follow Me Card - PhotoWorksSF

So, if you were to create your own Follow Me card, what would the front and back look like?  Where would you point people to? 

I think a Follow Me card would leave a very lasting impression, especially if you were trying to network for a job and had your LinkedIn url on the back.

The front wouldn’t even need to be an image, it could be your quick 15 second elevator pitch with your photo.  How unique!  The possibilities are truly endless!

Oscar dresses

Because FASHION is in the name of this blog, I had to do it.  Here are some of my favorite dresses from last night.


Did you enjoy the show? What were your favorite looks of the big night?

Sprucing Up Your Workspace

In a recent post I wrote about how to outfit your home office in order to make it more effective for you when you…work from home.  Well, how do you bring a bit of home, into your work office?  Well, careerealism.com has a few suggestions but they do start off with the following:

“On the one hand, the space is not your own in that it belongs to your employer and you likely share it with other employees. But on the other hand, since you spend most of the day in your designated office or cubicle, you want to put your own stamp on it.”

Their suggestions are:

* Bring in some pops of color.  It will brighten the space up and make it feel like you had a choice in how your space looks.  It doesn’t mean you have to request that your walls be painted red, as I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly, but bring in a rug, or get wildly colored files or tack boards.  Think outside the beige colored box!

* Get something up on your walls besides post its and reminders about all the work that has to get done.  Put up a mirror, or a clock (although that may be constant reminder of the fact that it’s not 5 o’clock yet…), or a pretty picture of the beach.

* Bring in some…shrubbery. :)  Spruce up your space, well I don’t want to say “with spruce” but you get the drift.  Bring in a plant.  It will make the space a bit prettier, there’s nothing more enjoyable than flowers on an orchid.

And lastly, the article talks about the home office.

So, what techniques will you use to spruce up your office space?

P.S. Thank you to my one time manager for sharing this article with me!

Think Spring

For those of us in New England…we have had one doozie of a winter.  We’ve definitelly had our fair share of snow, but it’s also been INCREDIBLY cold!  So cold, that our weather folks call for a “nice day out” when temps reach the low 20′s!

So…I’m going to think spring, and that means spring outfits.  Here are a few office friendly spring outfits you can wear to work.

Spring florals   "Spring Office Fashion" by angielosek on Polyvore   . .. .working casual...   Burberry - Spring 2014 | Fashion   STYLE IT #CAbi can make this happen!  Spring Cropped Bree Jean, Perfect Tee and the cozy Shrunken Peacoat.  ADORABLE :)   Style I like this for spring style as an alternative to white, and the nature vs black thing is cool   The Classy Cubicle: HM Online Launch! The fashion blog for young professional women who need office style inspiration and work wear ideas for the corporate world and beyond.  The dos and don'ts for appropriately suiting up as a female in corporate America. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, attire, outfits, hm, peplum, purple, essie.   DKNY Fall 2013 ♥✤ | Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful   Spring / summer - work outfit - business casual - flare pale blue pants + white blouse + brown accessories - very 70s!   The Classy Cubicle : Stripes on Stripes  The fashion blog for young professional women who need office style inspiration and work wear ideas for the corporate world. J. Crew, Tahari, Calvin Klein, Cuff Bracelet, Coral Necklace, Navy and White Stripes, Spring Fashion   White blouse, green trousers and messy bun. Gorge.

These inspirations come from Pinterest by typing in “spring office fashion.”