References Available Upon Request

“References Available Upon Request.”

This is a statement that appears on most if not all resumes.  As it turns out, some recruiters advise against adding it due to the obvious nature of the statement, as well as the fact that it takes up valuable real estate on your resume.  This is true especially if adding in that statement comes at a cost of removing an important bullet while trying to keep your resume to 1 or 2 pages. 

Another quote I like from a recent Monster article is, “‘We already know your objective,’ says Lisa Rokusek, a managing partner at AgentHR Recruiting Group. ‘Instead of telling us about what you want, use this space to tell us about you and your experience. Make sure it is relevant to the role you are interested in. Make a thought argument for getting a conversation.’”

What are your thoughts?  Is it time to do away with the obvious on all of our resumes and KISS (keep it simple stupid)?

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