Pinterest for Business

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Pinterest.  I have pinned things like fashion, home ideas, diy ideas, party ideas and wedding ideas to my little heart’s content.  I even began to feel pinned out after a while but it sucks you right back in.  That is why I was happy to begin using Pinterest for work.  It allows for such a wonderfully visual way for others to understand what your brand, products and techniques are.

We, as humans, like to understand things visually.  No matter how analytical and engineerical (a new word) your thinking might be, you still need to see, touch and feel something to get the real grasp for what that something is and how it works.  With pinterest you get to see that something in a much more robust way than working your way through a company website. 

All companies thrive to have a visually appealing site, but at the end of the day you can’t just have hundreds of photographs and very minimal content, unless you are a photographer or something of the like.  Well, no worries, Pinterest allows you to have your cake and eat it too.  How fun is it to say, Pinterest for Business?  I think it’s great and it’s a true statement.  Why am I so sure?  Well, my thinking got validated just a few days ago when I stumbled upon, another great site, an article that gave 7 creative ways that Pinterest can be used for business.  I won’t paraphrase and take away from the article. Hence why I invite you to read it and explore the new social media platform that is hopefully here to stay!

What did you do today?

P.S. Here are just a few of my favorite pins from my various boards:

 russian fashion       more breakfast: avocado, tomato, sprouts & pepper jack with chive spread  mmmmmmm   Like the cute touches   Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear. looove!   Love Olivia Palermo's lace dress!

Social Media Schedules

It’s a new year and time to think about how you will outdo what you did in 2011 for your business.  I’m focusing on social media for this post and you let me know if it helps with your efforts for 2012.  At one time I wrote a blog post about managing LinkedIn in 5-15 minutes a week.  However, the article I found talks about building your social media strategy and breaks down the monitoring and prep work down to tasks you need to do, twice a day, once a week and things you need to think about and monitor on specific days, such as getting involved in industry specific conversations.

But, before I send you on your way to read the article I wanted to tell you what I do to monitor our social media at work.

Once a month I think about the postings for the following month by looking at the rpevious month’s numbers and outcomes.

Twice to three times a month I update all analytics, which allows me to find out if our postings are effective and it also allows me to change things up throughout the month.

On a weekly basis I look at some of the social media platforms that don’t need as much monitoring, such as the LinkedIn corporate page and put up an update that reflects the important highlight of the week.

Finally, daily, I monitor every post that gets posted and see if there are photos that someone may have posted of our products and see how I can incorporate them into a posting that day or week in order to bring some visual aspects to the postings and get people interested and hence encourage them to interact.  Photos and videos always get people excited!

So, now it’s time to learn from Brad Friedman and see what he writes in his article titled, Build Your Social Media Schedule for 2012.

What did you do today?

The Top 10 Things Social Media Can Accomplish for a Business, Part 2

To continue on the topic from my last post I want to give you the last 5 of the top 10 things that social media can accomplish for your business.  I compiled these answers by asking a question on LinkedIn Answers. I asked the following question: What are the top 5 things social media can accomplish for a business? so here are the last 5 of the top 10.

6. Mark E. “Social media can boost SEO (search engine optimization). When companies post on social media sites they can use relevant keywords and links to their website; ultimately, elevating their Google ranking. ”

7. Kenneth L. “…I linked everything together on “Linked In” and began answering questions at the “Answers” feature there as well as registering at many of the free applications for networking web sites on the Internet to see how that could benefit my work. Twitter, BlogCatalog, Facebook, Widgetbox, Friendfeed, Ning and similar free applications served my site well. ”

8. Lee J. “Identify new sales opportunities.”

9. Nick R. “Reduces Customer Service Costs ”

10. Robert M. “Facilitate research and development”

Do you agree with all ten points?

What did you do today?

The Top 10 Things Social Media Can Accomplish for a Business, Part 1

I have been using LinkedIn Answers a lot lately, to both ask and answer questions.  So to learn something new, because we always can, I asked the following question: What are the top 5 things social media can accomplish for a business?

I was so happy when I got so many replies that opened up my eyes and made me think about new social media approaches, I even got a book suggestion, Jason Falls new book, “No Bullshit Social Media.” So here are the top ten things, as told to me by others, that social media can accomplish for a business…

1. Carrie W. “JOIN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY – Even if yours is a local business with local clientele, you can’t ignore the value in keeping your finger on the pulse of the larger world around you. I believe in supporting your local economy for the financial health of your city and state. There is also great value in building relationships with others outside of your target market who may be a resource to you as this economy continues to change. We all need to help each other. Resources can show up in unexpected places. ”

2. Sarah B. “Keep your clients thinking about your company even if they’re not planning to buy just yet. They will remember you.”

3. Karen, “Before defining what social media can accomplish for your business, it’s important to have a solid social media strategy in place that’s fully integrated with your offline marketing efforts/messaging. Once that is done – only then can you define the top 5 or 10 or maybe it’s only 3 things. AND…this will differ for every company – so there is no way to say these top 5 things will make you succeed in the social arena.the sole function of that feed is customer resolution. The top items will differ for every company based on whatever your overall business/marketing objective is. ”

4. Stoney G “Authority – Using SM to push out authoritative content can help establish you as an authority and the go-to place for what you offer. ”

5. Kent L. “Managing reputation/brand (crisis management)”

Tune in to the next post to see the rest of the top ten list!

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Top Post #5: Why Keywords Rule LinkedIn

This post rounds out the week and covers a topic that has been talked about a lot lately.  The power of LinkedIn and how you should be using to your, and your company’s advantage.  Do you also think that keywords rule LinkedIn?  Well, here are some tips and tricks I learned from an online webinar led by Lewis Howes.

I knew keywords were important on LinkedIn but I had no idea how much.  You’ll thank me later for pushing you all to optimize your profiles.  Here goes, here are the top lessons I learned from Lewis’ webinar titled, How to Get Results Using LinkedIn.

According to Lewis there are five places that you want to ensure you have your keywords listed.  Ideally these are the same keywords so when someone searches for, let’s say “marketing professional,” you will come up at the top of their search list.  I have yet to accomplish this but these new tips are making me obsess over the powers of LinkedIn and networking.

So here goes, make sure your keywords are listed in the following five places:

1. Headline
2. Current job title/description
3. Past job title/description
4. Summary description
5. Specialties section

I’d love to hear if going through these steps help you get noticed more.

The other idea I got was to start a Career Advice 101 group on LinkedIn.  There are so many articles and ideas I get daily that I simply don’t have the time to write about.  I think the group will allow not only me to share advice but it will give a place for all of you to interact.  I will let you all know once I get the group up…and I hope you’ll join :)

What did you do today?