Medical Device Marketing Strategies

The medical and health industry is a bit of a different animal when it comes to marketing.  But I do also say that with a grain of salt as the goals and results that are tied to marketing efforts in these industries are largely the same as anywhere else:

  1. Increase lead numbers
  2. Increase sales
  3. Get more demand generated for the sales team (or healthcare professionals) to follow up on and convert
  4. Grow brand awareness for a particular service or product

However, some strategies do need to be looked at differently.  Although information is still found online for the most part, the kind of information that is searched for isn’t to the tune of “sandwich recipes” or “best tool to use for…” it’s more along the lines of “best cure for…” and “how should I treat…”  My point is, these searches are, I’m assuming, a bit less “popular” than their former counter parts HOWEVER, they are so much more important than the former searches to the people who are looking for that kind of help.

So how do you create the right marketing strategy to help your sales team, and the marketing team, meet their goals?

I would tackle this feat the following ways:

  1. Identify your key audience(s) as well your key market(s) and what their needs are
  2. Talk to your sales team and understand what their needs, opportunities, and challenges are when talking to those key audiences
  3. Take a look at the competition, what are they doing that blows you away?
  4. Take a look at your brand with fresh eyes, where do you se some low hanging fruit?  Is it in the form of SEO? How about video? Or social? Or PPC?
  5. Take a look a your content and see what can be prettied up before you take on the bigger task of creating something that’s new
  6. Regroup with the sales team, and anyone else that is a stakeholder in this endeavor, and make sure that the ideas you’ve come up with not only fit the needs of brand awareness and lead generation but also fit the needs of your sales team and the customers you all serve

Here are some key marketing related areas I always look into, no matter the industry:

  1. The website & its functionality
  2. SEO
  3. Content & how often it’s generated
  4. Sales & customer collateral
  5. Digital & social  – think social media, of course, but also video, and anything web related
  6. Creative media – infographics, shareable & easily digestible content, advertisements
  7. PR
  8. Advertising as a whole
  9. Customer outreach – it can be a lot of the above as well as e-mail communication
  10. Internal communication & ensuring everyone is on the same page of what’s going on, why, and what purpose it serves for the business

However, I’m by no means the expert in the medical industry, so here is some reading material from people who know more than I do.

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Good luck!