Google Analytics News


I’ve been making sure to stay on top of marketing news in order to stay relevant and fresh in my field of work…and to have something to write about of course!  Well, in my searches on I came across a recent article that talked about some great changes to Google Analytics.  For those of us who live and breathe this stuff, it’s exciting. This is especially exciting for those with an e-store component to their site. 

The change at hand has to do with calculated metrics & creating your own unique metrics that apply to your needs.  The best thing yet is that you can now see, without necessarily having to go into your CRM, what revenue you gain per user.  You don’t even solely need to be US based as you can create a currency conversion metric as well.  This is all that got into but I decided to do a bit more digging and I found an article from… also write about this update and had the following to say in their article, Google Analytics Introduces Calculated Metrics, “The most beneficial immediate use of this tool for marketers and analytic practitioners is as a means to create custom reports for specific audiences. Consider the stakeholders who will view the report, what metrics matter the most to them, and place your calculated metrics accordingly.”

I’m sure that not all of you are seeing these changes, but I did want to share them with you as Google Analytics is a huge part of our tracking. 

P.S. If you’re still trying to figure out how to get in to the weeds on tracking your ecommerce, I encourage you to read this article – Google Analytics: Ecommerce metrics to track daily, weekly, monthly.


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