Webmarketing123’s – Top 3 SEO Predictions for 2016!

Road to SEO predictions in 2016

It’s a two a day kind of day.  I just wanted to share some information I gathered from a webinar I listened in on hosted by Webmarketing123. Today’s webinar focused on the top 3 SEO predictions of 2016, although the webinar is over I’ll share what I jotted down. If you want a downloadable copy of the slides just let me know.

Here is what Webmarketing123 thinks will happen in the SEO world next year, so get prepared!

  1. Penguin 4.0 update.
    1. Here you’ll need to focus on GOOD link building.  Also, make sure the content you share is good and relevant and not spammy.
    2. Make sure to analyze your competitor link building strategies & get a list of inbound links from the Google Search Console.
    3. A new Google Onsite & Offsite Search Ranking patent will look at how functional and optimized your whole site is, rather than just the page you’re linking to. So make sure that your site is improved overall & don’t just piece meal things together.
  2. Prepare for rich answers to get even bigger.
    1. Look into Google’s Rank Brain.
    2. Make sure that your schema markup is on point to improve your rich answer results.
  3. You’ll truly need to optimize for a better UX experience, especially across all devices.
    1. Make sure to look at your overall behavior flow in Google Analytics.
    2. Don’t ignore, but also don’t solely rely on, bounce rates, pages per session, traffic, & ctr rates.
    3. Check out ampproject.org –>this is Google’s anticipated mobile improvement initiative for early 2016

That’s all folks!  I hope this helps you prepare and taught you something new.  Thanks webmarketing123!

P.S. Looking for other predictions?  Here they are:

jeffbullas.com offers 3 more key SEO predictions for 2016 –>these were also shared on business2community.com

lifehack.org has 5 SEO predictions


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