Back to Where it All Began

My blog has come up quite often in some recent interviews, which is nice.  I’ve been asked for the url, as well as how I got started, and why I’ve kept going.  Before I take you back to that very first post, which I decided to write after a wonderful ski day at Sunapee, let’s go back to where it all began.

Back in 2009 I lost my job with LoJack after the international team was wiped out.  Some strategic roles were kept but not all. I chose to throw down the bulk of my savings and finish out my MBA full time.  I was collecting unemployment, looking for work, going to school, and generally just trying to make ends meet.  I was living in what I’ll call a tree house apartment in Newton.  It was really quite lovely.  I would spend most of my days in the kitchen which also had one of my two tv’s and just tap away and look out the window at the passers by.

I also got lucky that because I was enrolled full time I could take full advantage of the health insurance through Suffolk University.  This was a huge win for my unemployed self.

So I would go to class, study, look for any kind of work I could find and eventually found a part time job at the LOFT.  Even this was hard to come by.  But, my boyfriend at the time, now my husband, would ask me “what did you do today?”  And that’s when the light bulb went off during that day on the slopes.  I was going to blog.  Blogging wasn’t new to me, I used to blog on while I lived in Spain, I still keep a diary, so writing isn’t foreign to me.  But what would I blog about?  Hence the url of this blog…

This began as a work search tip and some marketing advice blog and has morphed into so much more five years later.  I’ve kept up with it during employed, and again unemployed, times.  It’s where I share my thoughts.  It’s what helps me digest and remember some of the interesting marketing things I read, and it’s what has come up in conversations during recent interviews.

So thank you blog, and now I take you back to that first blog post – So…what did you do today?


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