Activity Levels are High

This whole finding a new job thing has certainly taken longer than I had hoped it would.  Summer has come and gone and we are high into fall, although the outside temps tell us otherwise.  The one semi positive has been that activity levels have been high through out this whole search, meaning I haven’t just sat around and sent applications into a black hole.  I’ve been lucky to go on a number of interviews, have a number of conversations, and make some connections.  Granted, they have not lead anywhere yet but since the topic comes up anyway here are some of the things that have happened:

  • This one was probably the one most hard to swallow, but after receiving a verbal confirmation of an offer the organization went through a restructuring and the final offer was never signed off on
  • After a couple of interviews things went radio silent and there was no information as to what may have happened to the role or my fit for it
  • I had a couple of good conversations with two companies that a) decided they would just continue to outsource their marketing efforts b) weren’t sure of what they really wanted out of the role, now what would be OK’d by senior management, so the lead went nowhere
  • I reached a bit too far with a couple of roles and in the end the leads didn’t end in the way I would have wanted them to
  • Another candidate with specific industry experience was chosen for a role
  • After some initial conversations with recruiters things once again went radio silent

So I said, unfortunately…things just have not lined up.

But it’s positive that now that we are in the hiring season real opportunities are beginning to pop up that I am quite excited about.  Now, who is going to give me the privilege of being thankful for a new job on Thanksgiving? 😉


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