Not Planning Ahead – Some Personal Thoughts

What do you do when you’re a planner & strategizer, at some level, and are told that upper management isn’t really “into” the 2 and 3 year plans like you might be.  They are only concerned about the now.  You think all the things you might want to think in your head, it’s probably best to not say them out loud, and continue planning without making it very public.  Because on some fundamental level those same people will probably expect you to also tell them what you’re thinking of doing for the next project or campaign, and as the planner that you are you should be ready to answer them.

Where am I getting at with this?  I’m getting at the point that sometimes not everyone sees eye to eye, and that’s ok.  Of course you need to be ready to be flexible at a moments notice, because that’s just the way of the world, but having no plan at all is a plan to fail.  Wouldn’t you agree?

So here are some ways to always be planning and be prepared:

  • Always be up on your metrics & goals
  • Always think about what can be done better & test the water with those new ways if possible
  • Think at a high level
  • Think at a task level
  • Essentially – always be thinking and always be prepared

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