The Twitter Evolution

I just read some interesting news regarding Twitter.  I’ll share a link to the AdAge article in a little bit but essentially there are rumblings of Twitter exploring the idea of allowing brands to have extended content, i.e. more than 140 characters.  I have mixed feelings about this.

My initial reaction was “Whoa!” (as you can see on my twitter account) This could be amazing for brands.  They’d get to tell more of a story, maybe connect better & share more information, etc.

But my second reaction was “Ugh.”  This is just going allow brands to blather on about themselves, their products or services on yet another platform.  Twitter was different because you had to know how to get the attention of your audience.  Your content had to be quick and to the point, not very different from an elevator pitch.  You had to know how to be creative and enticing enough to have people want to learn more about you, or have an initial place where you could start a conversation and then lead them to you in different ways.

The more I think about this, the more I’m leaning towards my second reaction.  What about you?

Here is the full AdAge article on this topic.


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