Branding Stories

As the title suggests, these are just a couple of branding stories…

In recent months I have learned about two branding scenarios that kind of made me cringe.  Having gone through an extensive branding exercise at a previous employer I know all that has to go in to a rebranding exercise.  So when I learned of these two stories, I wondered if it was due to lack of guidance, or simply bad partnerships.  Either way, I hope that the road that was chosen was well thought out.  I’m not here to judge, just to share and give my thoughts on the matter.

The first scenario takes us to the parent company of two different consumer brands that wasn’t very well known, i.e. its parent brand wasn’t well known.  However it had two VERY well known consumer brands, two brands that fit in to two very different markets.  This parent brand decided to rename itself to simply be named after these two brands.  The way it was told to me, it was so people knew who they were for brand recognition purposes, for recruiting purposes, and for acquisition purposes.  The first two make sense, but the latter does not.  What is going to happen when an acquisition does occur and that acquisition comes with its own brand name, and with a brand in yet another market?  Will they rebrand again to have a three named brand name?  Sounds very confusing and simply not thought out.  That would be like Beiersdorf renaming itself to Nivea/Eucerin.

The second scenario is I think just a process thing…This company went through the effort of rebranding itself so it wouldn’t be so pigeonholed in two markets, based on its previous brand name, but then came to realize that the new name they have chosen to go with, and are going with to market, is actually the name of another company in another country.  So when you search for their new name, the other company comes up.  Not very well thought out, but the reason I think it is all due to process is because I don’t think the process is complete, and perhaps the new name shouldn’t have been announced quite yet.  Emails are still under the old name, as is most contact and social media information.

Again, I’m not here to judge, but there are SO many things to take in to account when rebranding that these two scenarios simply scare me and wow me at the same time.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  What could be behind these changes?

Tune in tomorrow to some thoughts on affiliate marketing!


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