5 Critical Weeks

It would be silly of me not to talk about being unemployed on this blog, seeing as that is where this whole blog journey began back in 2009…and where I found myself yet again.  There have been highs of being almost able to touch that next step but at the last minute it not coming to fruition due to org reasons and there have definitely been lows of feeling like no one will ever hire me.  But I now find myself in my last 5 critical weeks of unemployment, as after that time my weekly checks will stop coming.  That doesn’t mean I won’t continue llooking for work just that the gov probably won’t really be bothered with wanting to know what I’m doing and how. I am lucky in that I’m not alone on this journey, I have a wonderful and supportive husband, but I can’t help feeling like I’m letting him down.

I know what I’m capable of professionally and have proven that in my past roles.  I know I adapt easily and don’t need a whole lot of hand holding.  I know I’ll be the hardest worker in the group, and I know that I’ll always be learning new ways to improve on an existing process. But sometimes that doesn’t matter.  Sometimes someone else ends up ticking every single box on an application and whether or not you seemed to have hit it off with everyone you met or not, doesn’t really matter.

Wherever I land, I’m looking to bring what I know, fine tune those skills, and be allowed to learn new ones along the way.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Apply to the roles where you know you can rock and be confident that your golden time will come.  You’ll finally get that highly anticipated offer letter and you’ll jump for joy and very much look forward to the future.

Thank you for reading and look for my thoughts on branding tomorrow!


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