Car Sales Strategy – A Form of Pull Marketing

I walked in to a car dealership that’s local to our area and wondered, “Do they even have any cars on this lot?” Well…yes they do.  But you *have* to talk to someone.  Now that I know where the cars are, I might sneak past the sales guys but at this dealership the guys don’t roam the lots, you come to them.  This is probably their form of inbound/pull marketing.

I found it very interesting as at most other dealerships you can walk around the big lots freely and peek into the cars and read the specs as you shoo off the sales guy until you are actually interested in asking a question.  But here, it was different.  It was going to be a different experience and one that lead me to blog about it.

It’s difficult for car dealerships to be one upping each other all the time.  I mean really.  What’s the difference in who anyone buys from other than that customer’s experience, the inventory on the lot, and last but most importantly the prices?  More than likely it’s the very first thing I wrote as well as the last.  Word of mouth travels and if enough people have a bad experience, and if enough people document that bad experience online, then you might be doomed.

But I digressed.  I simply found it very interesting how this dealership set up its “interaction” with its customers.  What do you think?  Will more dealerships begin to do things this way? Have I been living under a rock and most of them conduct business this way now?


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