Nobody Cares if You are Busy

I took that line from an interviewer, and agree with it to a point.  Yes, busy to one person is not busy to another.  But unfortunately, with how “connected” and “on” we always are, we’re always busy because everyone can get a hold of you in a million different ways.  I suppose one would say that the way you separate yourself from the rest is to tune out the noise, which means you should probably become a master delegator of tasks in order to surpass all those do-ers and instead lead the pack.  I suppose also, that you should be good at prioritizing what is noise and what is a priority…but that can be very subjective.

As someone who I worked for once said, “I notice that you’re always planning and strategizing. It seems like a waste of time.” It would be one thing if all of it was useless planning and no good was coming out of it.  But when the opposite was true, I couldn’t not take offense to the statement.  Planning, meetings, thinking, all take time.  But apparently that’s not time that is viewed as useful, no matter how effective.

What are your thoughts on this?


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