Legal Services Marketing

Something I haven’t looked at before is legal services marketing.  It might be a tough service to market but I’ve learned that there are a couple of areas that all law firms try to focus on, getting their name out there as well as getting their lawyers names out there.  You want to be in a conversation and have the other party say, “Oh, I know of your firm.”  But how do you get there other than through successful cases?

Well, not having played in this space before I took to the web and found the following tips:

  • “Without a plan a law firm’s or individual lawyer’s marketing and business development efforts are generally serendipity or haphazard at best. By preparing a road map that seeks the clients you prefer and a practice niche you enjoy, your personal and professional life will become much more satisfying.”
  • “The best source of new business is existing clients, either through new matters or referrals to new clients. ”
  • Here are also Legal Marketing Blog’s top 10 tips for successful marketing:
    • Visit your client
    • Entertain your client
    • Seek client feedback often
    • Offer to make a proposal
    • Communicate often
    • Talk it up with more speeches
    • Write articles of interest
    • Wake a reporter to lunch
    • Networking with super connectors
    • Be active in organizations
  • Join the LMA to be in the know on new marketing practices

And because at the end of the day marketing is marketing, here are my own quick tips:

  • Pay attention to SEO
  • Have a well functioning, and mobile responsive, website
  • Gather and write testimonials
  • Create thought leaders
  • Be present on the right social channels
  • Be consistent
  • Communicate with your customers

Here are some additional resources:


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