New Beginnings

“If you’re not scared to do something new, then you’re not trying hard enough.” That’s my loose re-quoting of Steven Colbert on starting in his new gig on the Late Show.

I happen to agree.  Being somewhat scared means that you are not only worried about starting in a new environment but also that you want to make sure you live up to expectations.  But, you have to make sure you don’t show these concerns, but rather exude the confidence you showed in your interview process.

Here are my 5 tips for your first month:

  • Come prepared to dive right in – Expectations might the set high so be ready to get down and dirt
  • Use your street smarts – Your gut feeling about someone or something may be the right feeling
  • Speak up – Depending on the role you were brought in for, your insight is probably needed so don’t sit and observe too long
  • Sit & Observe – To the point above, it is important to sit back and see how things function
  • Small wins – Get some quick wins in under your belt.  Clean up or create a process, fix something that is broken, make a creative contribution

Good luck!


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