Facebook Changes its CPC Definition

Yesterday I began exploring Lynda.com.  It’s been a while since I visited the site and it has changed tremendously.  Before going ahead with my free 10 day trial I wanted to watch some sample episodes and the one that caught my eye was the free marketing tips.

As it turns out…Facebook has decided to change its CPC definition which for all of us in the marketing world means that we’ll actually get to truly measure the effectiveness of our Facebook ads.  We will no longer have to say that we’re doing a good job simply because people are clicking “like” on our ads.  We will actually be able to track link clicks, which is what we’d measure for all of our other efforts.  In essence, how many real conversions did we get from all ads and compare Facebook ads to other PPC ads.


Read more about it on brainpulse.com or visit Lynda.com


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