Working at Multiple Companies. A plus or a minus?

For me, that’s a plus, and as an aside…I love the above cartoon.  I have learned a lot from all of my positions and wouldn’t change my career path for a second, not even the times that I’ve been unemployed.  Those times have been very nerve racking but lessons none the less.

However, I can see why I could get a question about why have I worked in 4 companies over the course of 9 years.  I have no problem answering those questions because if I hadn’t made the choices that I have made, I wouldn’t be at all able to apply to the roles I am applying now.  But the question does make me wonder if the person on the other side is truly understanding that notion.  I think it all comes down to how I deliver the message and how willing they are to understand it.  It also depends on their background and if they come from a position of a similar background or one where they have worked in the same place for years and have been granted wonderful opportunities.

If I were them and was able to partake in the same kinds of opportunities in the same great company, of course I would be happy to call one place home.  However, and having seen this first hand, being in one place for too long has its negatives.  People might perceive you to only know about one particular market, which isn’t a fair assessment because as long as you took on new responsibilities who cares where you have worked, it’s all about the experience and what you took away from it.

All in all, this little ditty is about making sure you can deliver your message clearly and stand by what you say.  For me, it’s that I’m quite proud of my varied background and the extra skills that I can bring to a job.

Good luck in your search!


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