Most Unique Interview Questions

How many gum balls are in the US?

If I was given $1,000, what kind of career/educationally expanding course would I use it for?

I’ve been given a number of difficult or thought provoking questions, but these two have stuck with me.  In the first case, the interviewer wasn’t looking for a real answer. He was looking to see how I would react to such a question and then what my thought process would be to get to an answer.  The role needed someone who could make some quick assumptions, that could be fact checked later, but the thought process was the key.  How would you get to a hypothetical answer?

The second one I had to complement the recruiter on as I’ve never heard that one either.  I’m not sure what the goal of the answer was but my assumption would be that they are looking for someone who is always looking to know and learn more.  So if you don’t have any future goals then you may not be the right fit. What course have you been pining after?

Good luck!


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