Must Have: Sense of Humor

I’ve been seeing this “requirement” on a few job descriptions and find it kind of funny.  Is anyone going to tell you that they are boring?  It’s kind of like asking for references, in my opinion.  No one is going to give you a list of references who they don’t know or know that they’ll speak highly of them.  At least I hope not…

It certainly is encouraging that hiring managers are looking for someone with this “skill” but how do you convey it to them without looking foolish? Perhaps you can use the cover letter to open with something funny?

How about: “A horse walks into a bar…I’m kidding. I understand that one of the ideal qualities of your new digital marketing manager is humor. I know there are other ways I can show you my funny side but I couldn’t pass up opening with something catchy.”

Perhaps you simply try to throw in a funny saying in your interview?  Or just try to be loose and easy going?  How are you responding to this in your search?


One thought on “Must Have: Sense of Humor

  1. usually sense of humor is also sign of intelligence, but I would be careful , because people have different sense of humor, and what is funny for you maybe is not funny for somebody else, and for some it maybe will sound offensive, so hahaha, but I would leave it as question to ask “what do you mean under sense of humor?”.

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