ATL, BTL, and TTL Marketing

I first saw these acronyms in a job description as I was preparing for an interview: “…deliver engaging and creative campaigns, ATL and BTL, to support brand and product launch programs.”

“What in the what?” is what I thought. A little bit of digging lead me to finding out that these are fancy acronyms for all the things we are all already doing in marketing.  ATL, BTL, and TTL refer to the kind of marketing you are running. These acronyms come mainly from the advertising world and refer to the specific kind of audience you are trying to reach and for what purpose.

As you can see above, and as I realized, we have all more than likely done both ATL & BTL marketing with the above outlined goals in mind.  In my most recent job my main goals were brand awareness, finding new customers, and growing our web traffic (among many other goals).  We reached our goals through email, PR, video, advertising, tradeshows, social media and the web. Quite a ATL & BTL mix.

What about you?  Does your marketing department mainly do ATL or BTL marketing?  Or is it a happy mix of everything?


2 thoughts on “ATL, BTL, and TTL Marketing

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