Skype Interviews

There’s a first for everything and I recently got to experience my first Skype interview.  I assumed that it would be the same as an in person interview but decided to do some sleuthing on google for tips.  I’ll let you do that on your own but here are my own tips for you when it comes to these new age types of interviews.

Dress the part.  I wore a suit because you never know if you might need to get up while on camera.

Pick a good spot. I did the call in our home office with a book shelf in the background.  Try to keep things plain so people don’t get distracted looking at photos or traffic behind you.  I also made sure to close the door because our cat has a tendency to jump up on the table, and that would lead to a disaster.

Get a decent Skype name.  If I would have known I’d one day be using Skype for interviews I may have just used my name, but at least I didn’t choose something inappropriate.

Sit up. Enough said.  Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should slouch or recline.

Smile, you’re on camera. Just like any other face to face interview, keep in mind that the other person can see what you’re doing.  Don’t look down at your phone or god forbid pick your nose.  The person on the other side of your laptop or ipad can see everything you’re doing.

Good luck! Be yourself!

P.S. I couldn’t just leave you hanging, so here are some additional tips I found:

Bloomberg Business – When Virtual Job Interviews Go Horribly Wrong
Skype – Skype Interview Tips
Forbes – 7 Tips to Nail a Skype Interview

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