What Have I Been Up To?

During my last month or so of interviewing both on the phone and in person I’ve been asked many questions.  There are some that have stumped me and I’ve had to quickly recover or just start talking and hope that it leads somewhere, and there were other that I thought I’d file away in my head as very interesting questions to share with others.  One such question came recently.

I explained to the interviewer about my earlier gap in employment…the one that got me to start this blog…and talked about finishing my MBA during that time and getting other certifications throughout my unemployed state and while I was at my next job.  He very candidly asked me a follow up, what have I been doing while I’ve been unemployed now?  Very good question, sir!

I have not found a course to get certified in but I have been bringing this here blog, as well as my LinkedIn blog, back to life!  I’ve been so glad to have the time to read, not only fun summer reads but also, marketing related articles.  I believe that marketing yourself is very important when it comes to a job search.  I’m working on getting my name out there and I’m working on my personal brand, and improving my SEO rankings 🙂

So as I used to say at the end of every post…what did you do today? Have you focused on your personal brand as part of your job search?


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