Attribution Models

In the last two jobs that I have held we have used both single source attribution and fractional attribution models…without really knowing that what we were doing had a name to it.

What I mean is, we looked at both the final place that a lead converted from, i.e. the lead’s final click, as well as some of their history with the company.  Sometimes, an eblast would trigger a former customer to place an order because of their favorable experience with the products. But at the end of the day, we put emphasis on the fact that the eblast or social interaction triggered that conversion or sale.

For those in the same boat, a recent article talks about how to look at how to calculate inbound marketing ROI through attribution modeling…because really, it’s time we started using the appropriate wording for what we’re already doing!

Thank you New Breed for the blog post on the topic.


4 thoughts on “Attribution Models

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