A Unique Resume

I like to share ideas with you all and here is one resume that popped up in an image gallery that I found eye catching.  What do you think?  Would it make a candidate stand out for you?


3 thoughts on “A Unique Resume

  1. I learned something new this week: apparently, automated resume scanners won’t scan templated resumes. For example, I use a header on my resume with my address etc, and apparently those scanning programs will only scan the header–so all actual the content of my resume would be completely disregarded. Insane. The lesson learned was, unless you’re sure you’re giving your resume to a real person, you should make sure that there is no “fancy” formatting on your resume–no columns, no headers, no boxes, etc. Also, anything that is in the “required” section of the job ad, make sure those words are in there exactly. If HS diploma is required, put that in your resume–don’t assume that your college degree indicates that you got your HS diploma. Similarly, if they want MS Word, put MS Word exactly, not MS Office Suite.

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