Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

I have blogged a lot about LinkedIn, just click on the LinkedIn category on the right, and the features the platform has as well as what to do to get noticed.  I recently read an interesting article that sums up some of the don’ts for LinkedIn users and I have to say I need to add one more to the very end of their list.  Connecting with too many people.  People who you don’t actually know.  People you don’t even bother creating a custom message to.  Because, I simply decline those requests.

What are your thoughts on the below, and on the whole article as a whole?

Mistake #1: Horrible photo.

Mistake #2: Non descriptive headline.

Mistake #3: Forgetting that you have a LinkedIn profile.

Mistake #4: Simply scanning in your resume and not elaborating.

Mistake #5: Don’t connect or network with others.

Linda’s tips:

Mistake #1: Not personalizing your “I want to connect with you” emails.

Mistake #2: Not creating a custom LinkedIn url for your profile.

Mistake #3: Not updating information on a regular basis – regardless of being employed or unemployed.

Mistake #4: Not asking for recommendations while employed somewhere.

Mistake #5: Not keeping an eye on who’s viewed your profile and seeing if they might be a good connection to have.


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