Blizzard Prep

We’re hunkering down for a major Nor’Easter here!  here are some tips I thought I’d share:

Tip 1: …It’s easy to make heat without running the engine, and you can put together an emergency automotive heating kit for less than five dollars. You only need three items: an empty metal coffee can, metal-cup “tea light” candles, and some matches. (Well, make that four items: you’ll want a resealable sandwich bag, too.)


Tips 2: Top 10 foods to stock up on: Wheat, rice, dried milk, salt, beans, tomatoes, canned fruit & veggies, peanut butter, oil, dried pasts, sugar & honey.

top 10 foods for stocking up

Tip 3: Blizzard Survival Tips – Insulate Your pipes, be prepared (technically speaking), stock up your pantry, stock up on bottled water, prepare an emergency kit, know how to use an alternative form of heat, watch out for frostbite, layer up, keep active indoors, stay indoors!

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Stay safe out there my dear readers!

2 thoughts on “Blizzard Prep

  1. I’m all ready for this thing! Hopefully it’s not as bad as the media usually makes it out to be. That always has people going nuts. Some were fighting like savages at the market near my apartment, and in the local grocery store (a friend took pictures of it). Hah. Makes me wonder how the population here would act if some major tragedy were to happen.

    Anyway, good tips. Stay safe and warm. 🙂

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