The First 90 Days, Cont.

I wrote a blog post before the end of the year about the importance of the first 90 days and how to try and sustain your momentum after you pass those first critical three months.  How do you keep standing out and making changes and not take on baggage that will just weigh you down?

Luckily, I found an article on LinkedIn.  Granted, it once again mainly focuses on the first 90 days, but if you haven’t done the suggested things in your first 90 days, then they can be implemented later on, right?!

My First 90 Days: How to Crush it at Your New Job

1. Remember names: this one is a hard one for me.  But I did hear, and have to agree, that when we don’t remember someone’s name it’s because we subconsciously weren’t listening or didn’t find it important to remember that name. So listen up, even repeat it if you need to.

2. Ask Questions. But ask the right questions.

3. Learn your company’s org structure.

4. Deliver a quick win.


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