Story Telling and How it Fits in to Marketing

Storytelling for PR & Marketing

As we all know, content is king.  So if content is king then we need to know how to provide good/relevant/interesting/captivating/etc content to our audience.  How do we do that?  Think of your favorite book, or children’s story and perhaps learn from that.  Clearly, the writer did something right to keep you interested and reading.

A business related story or case study should do the same thing for its audience.  It should grab, and hold, their attention until they read through to the end.  That’s exactly what the article titled, How to Tell a Great Brand Story, talks about.  I think one of they key take away’s for me is “Provide what matters.”  Too often people get way too far in the grains of some process, or technology, or solution.  Stay high level.  If the reader wants to know more, hopefully you’ve enticed them enough to reach out to you.  But overwhelm them, and they might feel like they’re not smart enough for the product, or simply feel like this is way more than they might need, which may not be reality but rather their perception.

Go on, tell a good story!


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