The First 90 Days

Not only is there a book written about it, titled The First 90 Days, but it’s also an interesting time in anyone’s transition into a new role.  You’re green, and come with ideas, and without baggage so now is the time to make a splash.  Without really thinking about the book, when interviewing for my last two jobs I have come prepared with a 30-60-90 day plan to give to a potential supervisor so that he or she felt that that part of the puzzle was already thought out.

I planned on contributing and here was how I was going to do it.  You need to focus on the low hanging fruit and be confident that what you bring to a new organization is critical in terms of a new mindset and how to change some things that perhaps hadn’t been working, or hadn’t been paid attention to.

With that said, eventually…you might find yourself becoming part of the problem.  But how do you mitigate against that? How do you stay ahead and keep your mind fresh and limber, how do you not take on baggage?

Here are some recent, and not so recent bu valuable, articles:

The 90 Day Plan
Beyond the First 90 Days

After the First 90 Days
Executive Integration Beyond the First 90 Days – “It takes most leaders almost three years to integrate into a new role, make important improvements, and then see the results of their efforts. In a world that is becoming more impatient—too focused on superficial quick fixes—successful onboarding can best be assured by how well a leader navigates through three predictable “waves of change” during the transition.

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