Fashion in the Workplace

Get a similar look with CAbi's fall '14 Applique' Cardigan, paired back to the Curry Skirt from fall 12.

Fashion makes life fun, in my opinion.  Fashion to you is not the same as it it to me or the person sitting next to you on the train, bus, or airplane.  I can’t say that I am always on point but when I am it makes me happy and put together.  So it was really neat to read an article about the fact that people who take fashion risks are potentially rewarded and are often times seen as risk takers.  I’m not saying, wear a mini skirt to work if you’re in a suit and tie environment, but I do encourage you to wear a pair of red heels or some fun socks, gentlemen.

What are you wearing to work today?

P.S. Read the full article about fashion risk takers in the corporate jungle.


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