Fundraising Ideas – Memorial Park Edition

This past weekend our little family headed to Memorial Park to watch my husband play tennis & to get our 1-year-old to run around the fields & play in the park.  Upon approaching the playground I noticed that there was a new sign I hadn’t noticed before, but, I didn’t have a chance to look at it as Markus was high tailing it away from me.  Luckily, another family of two kids and a dad came by and I got to chatting with the dad who informed me that there was a group trying to raise funds to update & upgrade the lovely playground we were playing on.  Turns out, that is what the sign was all about.

Long story…long, I got to thinking that this could be my attempt at getting involved in the community.  I’m currently trying to join a fundraising team, and or start one on my own.  But first, I can’t get my head from spinning from all the ideas I have for how to maybe raise funds.

Here are just a handful of ideas:

  • Put together a road race –> Apparently the smart moms who started the group are all over that one already! 🙂
  • Car Wash –>Have it be free, that way people are more likely to donate
  • Instead of just asking for money, break the park in to separate pieces & ask people to buy a swing, or a slide, or some other contraption.  That way they have invested in something specific, and feel like they’ve really helped
  • End of summer/beginning of summer bbq at the location –>burgers & dogs aren’t expensive.  If you’re worried about the cooking factor, go to BJ’s and buy cookies & ready made stuff & charge $5 for food & a water bottle.  This way you can put signs next to the aging playground features talking about how they’ll be improved
  • Morning Get Together –> get coffee/donuts/bagels/bananas at Dunkin Donuts or BJ’s/Costco & advertise around town that there will be a kids & parents breakfast outdoors at the playground.  The charge can be minimal of $1 for coffee & $2 for coffee & something to eat.  You’ll make back your money, make a profit, get people to come out, meet other parents in town and see what you’re fundraising for.

Lastly, if you’re feeling extra generous, please check out the Memorial Park website & donate.  Or, if you live in Mansfield, MA and you want to be part of my team, please write me a note.


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