My Two Cents – Yelp App Updates


Disclaimer: This is an opp ed piece.

Who has the Yelp app on their phone? Raise your hands…

I do, and I honestly never ever use it.  Back when I was eating and breathing social media I would write reviews on there all the time and hence I felt the need to get the app on my phone.  Besides the fact that I never use it, it is also INCREDIBLY annoying that the frickin thing needs to up updated at least twice a week.  If they are minor updates, at least gather them up and do it once a week if you really need to.  But how many issues does the thing have?  And if they’re not issues and every single developer on their staff just updates things whenever they think of something new, perhaps there should be a funnel of approvals.

That is just my opinion.  Anyone else have a gripe about an app?


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