Effective Drip Campaigns

In recent months I have taken to using our new e-mail platform, Pardot, quite frequently for eblasts.

On a side note, I went to a Salesforce1Tour event this week and upon sitting in on a Pardot lecture learned that the founders actually looked all through the dictionaries of various languages for a word that had something to do with selling, as all the english words that they liked wouldn’t allow for the easy use of a domain name as they were all taken.  So upon coming across the Latvian word for “to sell,” they had a winner!  Who in the world knew!?!  From that moment on, I was hooked to the presentation and was hard pressed to not throw my hand up and yell, “I’m from Latvia!”

But…I digress…

I am now in the throes of wanting to figure out how to effectively set up a drip campaign.  Having never done it I naturally turned to google and found the following:

Four Highly Effective Drip Marketing Campaigns
Drip Marketing – Eloqua Best Practices (This talks about lead nurturing vs. Drip Campaigns)
3 Principals for Successful Drip Marketing Campaigns

Not having had much experience in this realm I can’t really add my own two cents but cannot wait to try out this form of e-marketing.

Have you done drip campaigns?  Please share your experience with them, I’d love to learn from you!


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