Follow Me Cards

While on a search for an industrial photographer in the San Fran area I came across Photo Works SF who creates the uniquest thing I’ve seen recently, Follow Me cards.

What the H-E-double hockey sticks is a Follow Me Card?  I wouldn’t have known what to tell you until now, it’s a card with a photo on the front and an @_____ on the back.  Essentially, it’s an artsy business card.  How frickin’ cool!?!

Follow Me Card - PhotoWorksSF

So, if you were to create your own Follow Me card, what would the front and back look like?  Where would you point people to? 

I think a Follow Me card would leave a very lasting impression, especially if you were trying to network for a job and had your LinkedIn url on the back.

The front wouldn’t even need to be an image, it could be your quick 15 second elevator pitch with your photo.  How unique!  The possibilities are truly endless!

3 thoughts on “Follow Me Cards

  1. The boating community does this. You put a picture of you (and your spouse), your boat name, and whatever contact info you want to share (and your blog if you have one). As you travel you contact people to reconnect when you get to their home port.

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