Sprucing Up Your Workspace

In a recent post I wrote about how to outfit your home office in order to make it more effective for you when you…work from home.  Well, how do you bring a bit of home, into your work office?  Well, careerealism.com has a few suggestions but they do start off with the following:

“On the one hand, the space is not your own in that it belongs to your employer and you likely share it with other employees. But on the other hand, since you spend most of the day in your designated office or cubicle, you want to put your own stamp on it.”

Their suggestions are:

* Bring in some pops of color.  It will brighten the space up and make it feel like you had a choice in how your space looks.  It doesn’t mean you have to request that your walls be painted red, as I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly, but bring in a rug, or get wildly colored files or tack boards.  Think outside the beige colored box!

* Get something up on your walls besides post its and reminders about all the work that has to get done.  Put up a mirror, or a clock (although that may be constant reminder of the fact that it’s not 5 o’clock yet…), or a pretty picture of the beach.

* Bring in some…shrubbery. 🙂  Spruce up your space, well I don’t want to say “with spruce” but you get the drift.  Bring in a plant.  It will make the space a bit prettier, there’s nothing more enjoyable than flowers on an orchid.

And lastly, the article talks about the home office.

So, what techniques will you use to spruce up your office space?

P.S. Thank you to my one time manager for sharing this article with me!


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