Words of Wisdom

Recently I blogged, in my Working Mom section, about some words of wisdom that one father wanted to pass along to his 3-year-old.  This was shared in a  great article titled  12 Things I Want to Teach My Toddler About Work.

In the mommy portion of my blog I picked out the pieces of wisdom I felt were most applicable in both work and life.  In this section, I’d like to highlight the pieces of wisdom I feel like should be considered when in a work environment.

See ‘boring’ as a springboard to success. –> Often times I feel like people give up to easy when work gets “boring” and decide to move on to the next thing.  Why not see how you can improve that “boring” task not only so you enjoy doing it but also by improving the overall process?

Celebrate your achievements, then move on. –> You succeeded in something?  Awesome! Congratulations! Now what?  Don’t dwell on the past; good, bad, or indifferent.  Celebrate, or mourn, and move on to the next conquest!

Take responsibility for outcomes. –> Good or bad, there will be an outcome.  In my opinion, it’s wise to be humble in your successes and own up to your failures as that shows that you are always open to learning from every situation.

What words of wisdom do you want to share?


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