What Can You Do in 90 Minutes?

I recently read a very interesting article about the 8 hour workday and where it originated.  With today’s society being incredibly mobile, and incredibly tied to their mobile, it’s hard to say how many hours one actually works.  We are constantly tapping away on our phones, sending out emails or taking calls.  The workday truly never ends.  Gone are the days when you closed the books or shut down your desktop computer and hurried home.  Now we bring our work home with us.  Some are better at shutting things down as soon as they step over the threshold of their door but most of us either ramp things back up once the kids go to bed or simply check their phone all through the night, not wanting to miss a second or work.

But let’s think about the time that you are at work.  How productive are you?  Are you ON the whole day?  I have to admit that I need some down time every now and again.  If I feel like I’m being watched I somehow get even less done.  If I know that I can get some personal things done then I feel like my work life balance is, well…balanced.

Here is a great article on the topic of The 8-Hour Workday.

What did you do today?  Were you productive?


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